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1000 ways Updated 1.4.4

DON'T DIE IN THE CIRCLE1000 ways to die in a circle is a fun and difficult endless runner game featuring amazingly unique gameplay elements in many wa

140 5.87 MB
Nightfall Lands Updated 2.0.0

Have you ever wanted to play a simple fantasy role-playing game without the overcomplicated background stories or the confusing skill point systems?Th

158 25.57 MB
Crazy Bill Updated 1.41

Crazy Bill mixes crude humor, stars and tons of zombies in a wild action story with a retro style and innovative gameplay that you can not stop playin

68 32.68 MB
Tower Raiders 2 GOLD Updated 1.16

Tower Raiders 2 doesn't redefine the tower defense genre; it sets a new gold standard for mobile strategic thrills!The game includes 24 challenging le

2732 9.64 MB
Death City Updated 1.0.2

Năm 2030, khí hậu thay đổi, trái đất nóng lên, thiên tai xảy ra nhiều hơn, lương thực trở nên khan hiếm và loài người đứng trước cảnh diệt vong. Đứn

344 2 MB
Freedom Fall Updated 1.10

Freedom Fall is a fast-paced down-scrolling platformer. Run, jump, plummet, glide, slide, swim and bomb your way down through a towering mechanical ma

2030 43.35 MB
gothball Updated 1.1

gothball is a new action-adventure game where you control the interesting being known as the gothball...gothball rolls, jumps and blasts it's way thro

419 13.92 MB
Dark Avenger Updated 1.3.4

The premiere MORPG for mobile, Dark Avenger!Join tens of thousands of players online in the ultimate hack-n-slash dungeon crawler! DISCOVER THE ALL-NE

33322 49.84 MB
Dark Saint Updated 1.0.3

Whole new type of strategy defense game!! Simple basic control move your Hero and unleash powerful skills!! Make your own unit component to overw

267 48.97 MB
Marv The Miner 3 Updated 1.0.2

Marv The Miner has reached the treasures in the dark mines of Kazarakt, but the way back is blocked! You must help Marv find another way back to the s

827 26.87 MB
LittleAmazon Updated 1.0

Join Lily as she flees the cursed lair of the horrible demon Grûûl. Use the exceptional agility and extraordinary abilities of an amazon to run as f

31 47.04 MB
Galaxy Falcon Updated 1.5.3

[Story]After defending Earth from a vicious attack from Proxima Centauri, it was time to bring the fight to them!Six fighters took off, bound for the

168 21.58 MB
King's Bounty Updated 1.9.210

Save worlds and fight alongside friends in one of the finest strategy games!One of the world's best and most popular strategy games is now on Android!

175 13.57 MB
Virtual City 2 Updated 1.2

New buildings, new product chains, new challenges! After winning the hearts of millions of players, the best-selling city builder game, Virtual City,

1521 6.86 MB
Whale Trail Updated 1.2.2

Fly Willow the Whale through the magical skies of Rainbow Land!Collect Blubbles, loop the loop, smash grumpy Thunder Bros and meet friends along the w

545 23.8 MB
RoboCat Updated 1.0

Giant robot cats have arrived to crush every city! You are the brave pilot of a giant robot cat. Your mission is to save nature by destroying all the

109 29.02 MB
Lord of Magic Updated release

121 17.03 MB
Steel Cmdrs Updated 1.45.24

The World Invasion has begun! Play now to join the resistance!The Ultimate Sci-Fi Trading Card Battler! _____________________________________________

341 34.98 MB
Music Hero Updated 2.1

Music Hero is the most rockin' and the only music rhythm game that you can play with your own music! Get ready to feel the rhythm as you tap tap your

5647 7.34 MB
SushiChop Updated 3.4.3

SushiChop is an easy to learn, but difficult to master slicing game. Your finger is the razor-sharp knife, as you swipe your way to sushi chopping gl

118 29.71 MB
Run for your line Updated 1.5

Try to beat 5 Worlds -> each has 50 levels = 250 levels complete.Chalenge yourself, beat the others.CONTROLS: Just tap on the screen in the moment, wh

29 5.94 MB
CW: Blade Updated 1.0.8

Get a Slice of the Action! 10 years after the history making Cartoon Wars, a brave warrior of the kingdom seeks distant lands in search of adventure.

1771 39.08 MB
My Railway Updated 1.1.4

Everyone who enjoyed toy trains as a kid will love to play! Lay rails to connect cities, hire your friends as engineers, control factories and worksh

345 23.8 MB
crushWorks Madness Updated 1.0.0

Escape from the crazy factory, running away from the falling boxes, blades, defective partings and other obstacles!- 2 modes: Escape and Classic- Retr

281 6.18 MB
Ninja Defender Updated 1.0.1

THE GAME BOSS PRESENTS.....NINJA DEFENDER Ninja Defender is a FREE addictive physics ninj

649 7.02 MB
RocketBird Updated 1.9.11

The terribly addictive game hit with 5 million players is now on Android! In a country atmosphere, be the first bird to fly with a rocket on its back!

815 20.52 MB
GTA: CTW Updated 1.00

LEFT FOR DEAD IN THE WORST PLACE IN AMERICAFollowing his father's murder, Huang Lee has a simple mission: deliver an ancient sword to his Uncle Kenny

79432 17.72 MB
Redneck Revenge Updated 1.1.1

Hidden Gem! ***** Hand-picked by Google Play team and Featured in the "Staff Picks" section of the Google Play Store ***** An Amazing Zombie shooter à

816 49.09 MB
14px Updated 1.5.1

14px is a challenging, addictive, fast paced platformer. Player reviews:"Game of the Year. Extremely fast-paced, addicting, frustrating, challenging,

97 15.99 MB
Trap Team Updated 1.4.1

***Note: Game requires Nexus 7 (2013), NVIDIA SHIELD, Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition), Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, Galaxy Tab Pro: 8.4, 10.1, 12.2, Galaxy T

473 14.52 MB
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