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Trippy And Me Updated 1.0

★ Trippy & Me is a new addictive interactive 3D mobile action game application designed to be downloaded and played on the iPhone, iTouch, iPad.★ The

34 24.19 MB
X-Bugs Updated 1.6

So you think you can smash. Prove it by playing X-Bugs, this game takes the smashing experience to the next level, be fast and smart to kill the muta

122 15.69 MB
Angry Viking Updated 2.3

Best on High end phones.Now with OpenFeint !!★ Angry Viking ★ is an intense close combat experience. Slaughter your way through hordes of enemies and

203 18.14 MB
Gang Lords Updated 1.1.0

Do you have what it takes to become king of the criminal underworld?Fight for money, power, and respect in the ultimate gangster trading card game (TC

529 4.28 MB

Dive into the 8th Wave! Once known to be a calm species, the fish of the abyss have mysteriously transformed into robotic eating machines. An aquatic

586 42.31 MB
GRIDD2 Updated 1.3.1

GRIDD 2 is the sequel of the Windows Phone award winner game GRIDD. Play endlessly and set your best score in this neon looking old fashioned Shoot

346 12.62 MB
LD: Shrine Updated 1.1.7

Greedy humans are invading dragon's world again! They're well armed, and will not stop until they destory dragon's world. Dragons are angry, and it's

950 11.18 MB
World Of Anargor Updated 1.0

Dual core and higher ONLY!!! A RPG action saga set in medieval time in full 3D environment. Hero, pick up a weapon and defend your world. Fight agai

1471 13.45 MB
Android Defender Updated 2.0

Android Defender Android Defender is a fresh modern remake of the top rated classic arcade game DEFENDER. Taken to a new level of fighting off waves

197 4.37 MB
Probe the Humans Updated 1.1.2

The most scientifically accurate alien abduction simulation! *According to our researchers at GameResort.Have you ever fantasized about piloting a sp

88 24.74 MB
War of Thrones Updated 1.3

This is a rpg game. You have to choose one of three characters: Warrior, Archer or Mage. After that you will be an interesting and exciting trip, adve

223 15.38 MB
FLUX Updated 1.10

With the possibility to set your own speed, you compete only with yourself.Your top score will be defined by your reflexes and your ability to focus.F

278 19.96 MB
Aeronauts Updated 1.10

85 24.72 MB
DraStic Updated r2.2.1.2a

激烈NDS模拟器是一款高速的安卓NDS模拟器. 它不仅能在很多安卓设备上全速运行NDS游戏,还有以下特点:- 不论您的手机处于竖屏模式还是横屏模式,您都可以任意调整两块ds屏幕的位置和大小。 - 全面支持外接手柄, 以及nVidia Shield 和 Xperia Play等设备的实体按键。 -

373061 11.79 MB
GunZombie:Halloween Updated 2.2

★★★ SEASONAL GIFT (LIMITED TIME ONLY) ★★★ ★★★ 30,000GP + 10 Grenades + 10 Bullet-time ★★★Gun Zombie is back with Gun Zombie: Halloween! Over 10 mil

455 37.24 MB
Jingo Jango Updated 1.1

Navigate the unlikely duo Jingo and Jango carefully through a dangerous swamp full of thorns. Beat the high score while defying all dangers.Features:*

130 35.71 MB
Oscura Second Shadow Updated 1.2

Classic platforming meets modern design in a game built and optimised for touch controls.The Driftlands are a gothic and frightening place at the best

3734 26.87 MB
Control Tower Updated 1.1.2

Guide aircraft to their landing zones and do not let them collide! This sounds easy? You w

1514 4.49 MB
Air Supremacy Updated 1.0.2

We regret to inform you that service for this application will be terminated as of 4/23/15. In-app purchases will be disabled on 4/16/15.*Upon servic

215 6.16 MB
Dragon Age Updated 1.7

EPIC RATINGS & REVIEWS!"…the type of battle game Dragon Age fans have been craving to take on the road." – Inside Mobile AppsCOLLECT THE HEROES. BECOM

734 38.14 MB
Stickman Ski Racer Updated 2.1

Take your skis and hammer down the most beautiful and most dangerous mountains in the world and experience the amazing feeling of Stickman Ski Racer.

796 20.05 MB
Valkyrie Updated 1.0.3

77 39.73 MB
Road Trip 2 Updated

Your gas pedal is stuck AGAIN! Do stunts to get nitro boost and SLAM it all down to unlock the insane speed of OVERDRIVE! Collect coins to unlock new

431 33.04 MB
King Fighter IV Updated 1.01

The Best Sequel of King Fighter is coming!  The TOP Action & Fighting Game in the world!  More amazing graphics than King Fighter Ⅲ & Ultra Clear

3479 11.98 MB
Cartoon Wars Updated 1.1.2

Cartoon Wars is an arcade war game which combines the formulas of defense and real-time strategy games. ───────────────────── CRITICS SAY "A

78864 24.84 MB
Canabalt HD Updated 3.0

The simple and fast-pased platform action game that pioneered a genre arrives on Android devices, remastered with new 3D backgrounds and smooth animat

32109 14.25 MB
Fluid SE Updated 1.032

"A fast-paced and relentlessly hard racer, Fluid SE is well worth your time. 8 out of 10" - PocketGamerFluid SE is a thrilling time-trial racer mixed

600 34.77 MB
Atlantis Free Updated 2.2

"Legends of Atlantis: Exodus is an enjoyable experience from beginning to end." -- Gamezebo, 4/5 starsAtlantis is sinking. Massive tidal waves are swe

69 889.58 KB
BitBattle Updated 3.0.0

BitBattle is a simple retro-styled, multi-themed, fast-paced arcade game. Pick among the 2 + 7 unlockable armies composed each one of 5 unique units a

292 36.41 MB
Classic Brick Game Updated 4.0

1684 3.46 MB
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