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Hit the apple Updated 1.03

Very funny fruit shoot game.WARNING: YOU MUST BE 18+ TO PLAY THIS GAME.VIOLENT SCENE INCLUDED. hit the apple off mans head using a bow and arrows. P

240 7.59 MB
League of Heroes Updated 1.3.363

Help the villagers of Frognest! Join your friends on Facebook to the League of Heroes and become a true hero! From the creators of critically-acclai

1366 47.61 MB
FRAMED Updated 1.3.2

It's a new and of course a nice game. Data Path : sdcard/Android/obb/com.noodlecake.framed Download Data:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1eRd9QV4

2447 19.31 MB
Radiant HD Updated 3.19.7

Cut through hundreds of creeps to face giant monsters in unique bossfights. Collect special weapons and power-ups, upgrade your ship and save your hom

39127 18.85 MB
AngryTarzan-Android Updated 1.3

310 17.62 MB
Starfront: Collision Updated 1.0.7

7973 4.24 MB
Color Sheep Updated 1.2.1

Kotaku: “I’ve not had this much fun mixing colors since — I’ve never had this much fun mixing colors.”New York Times: “...your once-fumbling fingertip

3315 30.31 MB
Zombie Evil Updated 1.20

In 2013, the human race was labeled as the biggest threat to continued progress on Earth by Dr. Evil. In the eyes of the Doctor, humans were no longer

1790 27.69 MB
BEAT DRIFT Updated 1.2.0

• “...A must try game for fast paced reaction game lovers.” - iDroidStation• “The best twitchy evasion game I've played since Super Hexagon.” - IndieG

1592 33.27 MB
Zombirds Updated 1.14

"Polished game with a unique flavor" - AndroidCentral "Hugely playable, eminently enjoyable, undeniably addictive" - LifeofAndroid "Great controls

1059 34.91 MB

Use Ben's alien powers and Rook's Proto-Tool weapons to take down the evil genius Dr. Psychobos in a GIGANTIC BEN 10 ADVENTURE! Explore the galaxy and

12286 11.21 MB
Battle Racers Updated 1.4.6

Introducing: In-game emoticon and Achievements!Super Battle Racers is like Mario Kart on a 2D platform. You can outrun three other players in real ti

346 69.62 MB
I Need A Hero Updated 1.5.322.2

Do you want to be a Hero? Do you want to save beautiful princesses and fight fearsome dragons? Do you love puzzles, adventures and RPG? Are you are

207 49.64 MB
Smugglers Updated 1.07

IGN ★★★ Editor's Choice ★★★   "It has style, replayability and room to grow. In short - it's a steal, man. You dig?. 9/10 AMAZING!"148apps.com ★★★ Ed

246 2.78 MB
Heroes O&C Updated 3.5.2a

Team up and fight with your friends in the first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) for mobile devices! Gather your teammates, strengthen your Her

132 25.03 MB
Little Empire Updated 1.25.3

== Game Introduction == In Little Empire you will form your kingdom guard, conduct the archangel, mage, wolf rider and other unique units to protect

11054 42.28 MB
StarDefender 3 Updated 1.90.0

Have you ever dreamt of leading a space battle, confronting impudent space invaders and saving the Earth? Fight through hoards of aliens in Star Defen

580 32.88 MB
Overturn Updated 1.0.0

The popular Wii game 『OVERTURN』 now comes to the Android platform!Overturn is a Robot Action Game reproduced for the smartphone using the Unity engine

325 15.75 MB
Look Out Below! Updated 1.16

It's frantic, cargo throwing, granny parachuting action!A retro styled, side scrolling 2.5D test of reactions, timing and tactics, 'Look Out Below!' s

227 38.8 MB
Sleepy Jack Updated 17639

• TOP 10 GAME OF THE YEAR. "Adorable Psychonauts-esque presentation and solid gameplay...that is also tight and arcadey" -Pocket Gamer• APP OF THE WEE

1880 24.37 MB
Mystery Manor Updated 1.6.2

…Artwork is great, and the plot -which is slowly unveiled- gets more complex at every step... androidzoom.comA mysterious Event took place in the Man

328 40.52 MB
WhiteTile3D Updated 1.07

A 3D version -Don't tap the white tile- has come!!New awsome graphic,New different gameplayWatch your step, DON'T TOUCH ANY WHITE TILE. This is the co

114 11.54 MB
Paper Galaxy Updated 1.01

~~~~~☆ Voted best Jump-and-Run Game of 2012 on jayisgames! ☆~~~~~"The character designs all ooze charm and get helped along by a too-good-to-be-true o

70 17.57 MB
BIA3 Updated 1.4.4c

The internationally acclaimed WW2 franchise returns with blood-pumping shooting action, spectacular killcams, and lots of amazing experimental weapons

5173 49.16 MB
Alert terrorist Updated 1.3

Endless ammo and No advertising version for this shooting game. This is a FPS game that describes how a special police, who is framed, breaks the p

401 6.66 MB
The Shape Shooter Updated 1.1.2

Shapes & Sound: The Shape Shooter is a 2D mobile game all about putting your hand-eye coordination, mental reflexes and periphery vision to the ultima

162 10 MB
SuperTrains Updated 2.0

Drive the SuperTrain around the traintracks, collecting fiery orbiters and avoiding crashing into the Red Trains! Control the path of the SuperTrain

1588 46.39 MB
Don:t Let It End Updated 1.0

You cannot stop time. You can affect this moment. Enjoy its passing.Will you get what you expect if you attempt to control the moment? Or will y

144 13.34 MB
GOF2 Updated 2.0.11

[ GOF HERITAGE WEEK: We’re celebrating 7 years of sci-fi excellence on mobile with a 50% discount on both add-ons and the biggest credit pack in Galax

473 8.41 MB
Velocispider Updated 1.0.4

Part Spider, Part Velociraptor, it's Velocispider!!! Take control of a heavily armed araknasaur in this retro arcade shoot-em-up.Your delicious endang

235 8.78 MB
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