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Clash of Clans Updated 10.322.12

Lead your clan to victory! Clash of Clans is an epic combat strategy game. Build your village, train your troops and battle with thousands of other pl

98.28 MB

Get Ready for the Holidays with Google Play’s Festive Updates! Endorsed By Gal Gadot! An Epic Fantasy RPG Adventure! An eternal cycle of conflict has

99.27 MB

Build alliances and conquer rival kings in MMO battle. Defend your castle from enemies and fight a medieval war with epic PvP strategy. With a custom

68.64 MB
Paint Hit Updated 4.000

* 100's of levels * Challenge the bosses. Can you master their quirks? * Great audio to help you get in the zone * Messy painting fun

32.04 MB
Basket Fall Updated 5.4

Tap to break the rope. Break the rope to drop the ball. Aim for the hoop -- win! - Ancient Basket Fall Proverb From the award-winning team that brough

67.27 MB
Rollercoaster Dash Updated 1.0.1

What a rush! Can you guide your train down a treacherous roller coaster track at breakneck speeds? Avoid obstacles and fly over massive gaps to get th

26.58 MB

Spell Souls: Duel of Legends is a teeth-gnashing, fast-paced PvP butt-kicker. Be sure to prepare some flavoured soda because the going will get tough

92.04 MB

Duel players from all around the world in the best real-time game! Collect and upgrade 40+ troops and spells: from the lovely Dryad to the tremendous

73.96 MB

Tap, collect and raise your very own zoo animals in Idle Zoo Tycoon, the incremental idle zoo clicker game! Raise zoo animals and upgrade them to incr

45.77 MB

Welcome to Cars The BEST arena player versus player game in the store Push other cars outside of the circle Don't let them slither away! Knock them ou

53.44 MB
Darkness Rises Updated 1.1.1

Darkness crawls throughout the land and within it lurks a horde of ferocious demons ready to breach our gates. The path ahead will be grueling, but yo

84.1 MB
Donuts Drift Updated 1.06

Do the Drift Donuts. Again. And again. And again... Collect all the Drift Coins to make Perfect Drift and earn extra fuel Upgrade your cars Pick up th

35.36 MB

Love & Diaries: Duncan, the new interactive romantic story from Tictales. In this new romance story, discover a new world. Can you manage love and car

36.41 MB
Command & Conquer: Rivals Updated 0.90.1

*Command & Conquer: Rivals is currently in development and playable as a pre-alpha. During the pre-alpha players may experience technical issues. The

67.24 MB
Angry Birds Blast Island Updated 1.0.9

Blast into a new Angry Birds puzzle adventure game! The birds are trapped inside balloons, and you can bet the pigs are behind it all. Tap matching ba

98.75 MB

In a time not too long ago, there was a warrior that could merge any 2 items into 1. The Warrior has journeyed many areas and encountered powerful mon

30.89 MB
War Tiler (Unreleased) Updated 0.45.4

Welcome to War Tiler! This is an amazing world of fantasy characters battling for their Kings and Queens. Strong and cunning warriors, powerful mages,

85.81 MB

Best Interactive Love Otome Story ♥ Make your own chooses and fall in love NOW ! Start your love story by downloading The Winter Kiss and find your cr

37.41 MB
Space Frontier 2 Updated 1.1.4

Space adventure awaits! And this time, humanity has no limits! Space Frontier 2 is a sequel to the insanely popular Space Frontier, a game that rose t

54.69 MB
Puzzles with Matches Updated 2.0.1

Real classic in the world of puzzles.Good old matchstick puzzles. Already hundreds of years occupied the minds. The rules are simple: you have a figur

30.82 MB