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GO Book Updated 1.4

GOBook is an excellent phone reading application. It supports EPUB, TXT, UMD, PDF and FB2 ,provides many great features such as book import, book sear

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Bible Updated 7.5.3

On more than 100 million devices all over the world, people are reading, listening to, watching, and sharing the Bible using the #1 rated Bible App—co

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WikiLecturer Pro Updated 2.4.1

* OFFLINE MODE! * Let Wikipedia Text to Speech TTS read articles aloud * Replaces default Wikipedia app * Image zoom feature * Tablet support * M

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字节社 Updated 1.2

BytePress for Android is brought to you by Tangcha — the team known for the iOS version of Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography and Kevin Kelly's Ou

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开卷有益 Updated 7.59

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iKamasutra Updated 2.2.2

Find out what over 20 million lovers are all smiling about.Lovingly written and illustrated exclusively for this Android app, iKamasutra® brings thous

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Wiki Encyclopedia Pro Updated 3.2.1

Wiki Encyclopedia Pro: fast access to Wikipedia for your Android phone, without the ads, phone and Tablet modes. Now: Offline-ready! *SAVE article

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Perfect Viewer Updated

Perfect Viewer is a very fast image/comic viewer. *Turn black/white image into 4 colorize image(Only available for donated users. Need install Perfect

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Amazon Kindle Updated

The Kindle app puts over a million books at your fingertips. It’s the app for every reader, whether you’re a book reader, magazine reader, or newspap

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暴走日报 Updated 3.2.0

你还在马桶上寂寞地拿着洗发水说明书反复研读么?那你就弱爆了!厕所文学控伴侣,肠道协理专家,菊花绽放小助手——由暴走漫画荣誉出品,被世界通便协会誉为“21世纪最sweet如厕之友”的精品app《暴走日报》现已通畅上线!•特含“新闻热点吐槽”“全网最搞笑”健康专栏,锻炼腹肌力量,激发排泄效率。 •无节

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In addition to all the definitions from Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, the app offers voice search – to let you look up a word without havin

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Cool Reader

eBook reader. Supports epub (non-DRM), fb2, doc, txt, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, mobi (non-DRM), pml formats. Pages or scroll view. Page flipping

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阅读星 3.0

阅读星,千万用户的选择,无论您喜欢的是玄幻、武侠,还是言情、穿越…各种书籍小说应有尽有!海量好书每日更新不断!重大特色:【语音朗读+海量网络书库+个人云书库+个性化DIY阅读+完美纸质书阅读排版+手机资源管理+百变皮肤】 ★最优阅读体验:完美支持TXT、UMD、EPUB阅读格式,具有手势翻页、点击

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TerraTime 4.3

Visually stunning real-time virtual Earth. Fed by satellite imagery to display day/night, clouds, seasons, sun, moon and more. Day/night clock (with w

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豆瓣阅读 3.2.1

[内容提要] - 高质量的数字阅读 -「极客公园」最佳电子商务应用奖 - 五千部图书作品,无需登录即可试读 - 精心设计的阅读界面和排版样式 - 精彩纷呈的读者沙龙,千万读者参与[内置作品商店] -两千部原创作品,连岳、丁小云、和菜头、路内、李静睿、庄蝶庵等均有独家中短篇作品发布。 -

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Formulas 3.2

Description A ideal app on Google Leeway in numerous phraseologys that gives numerous rudimentary further forward recipes in mathematics. It's same

2703 7.64 MB

Story Toys has taken the Grimm Brothers classic and updated it with a host of dazzling, fully interactive pop-up scenes, wonderful music, narration an

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百度阅读 4.1.4

内容介绍: 百度阅读,享受阅读时光! 百度阅读提供高质量的数字图书,经济管理、成功励志、社会科学、哲学宗教、科技自然……内容类型丰富,总有一本适合爱读书的您。精致排版、专业校对、人性化交互,倾力打造极致阅读体验,让你静享“精品阅读时光”,高品质的数字阅读期待你的体验! 功能介绍: 1.

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爱卡汽车 7.1.3

应用介绍: 爱卡汽车(Xcar.com.cn)官方应用主要功能: 资讯:最新最丰富的汽车资讯,时刻掌握。 车型:最全最准确的车型信息,看图片、查报价、找4S店,最低价格触手可得。 论坛:随时随地逛论坛,与中国最资深的车友们尽情交流。 活动:签到领米、参与爱卡或网友策划的活动,各种惊喜等着你

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Bing 6.8.6

We believe finding what you need requires more than a search box and a list of links. Bing is being re-imagined to provide insight where, when and how

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Engadget is your ultimate destination for reviews, news and research from the world of consumer electronics. Our team of expert editors and columnists

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This was a little week end project, no ads. This an UNOFFICIAL client for Urban Dictionary.

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Wikipedia 2.4.184.r.2016.12.14

Official Wikipedia App for Android. Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia containing more than 20 million articles in 280 languages, and is the most comp

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Wolfram Alpha

Remember the Star Trek computer? It's finally happening--with Wolfram|Alpha. Building on 25 years of development led by Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram|Alpha

562833 2.21 MB

Ever wondered what satellites are flying above your head when you look up? This app will show them to you using augmented reality. Point your phone's

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Capture hot spots of games at any time,share wonderful content quickly and let you deeply grasp the dynamic game. Huge amounts of sites are availabl

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有道词典 7.3.8


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新浪读书 1.0.0

新浪读书是新浪网全新开发的电子书阅读工具,为书友提供了新浪读书所属书籍的阅读服务。 用户使用统一的新浪帐号即可在客户端登陆,查看自己新浪读书书架的书籍并进行支付购买。主要功能点: 1.在有网条件下,可以将书缓存至手机上,之后即可实现无网阅读。 2.拥有十多万本正版官方图书资源,PC\WAP\客户

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BlueDict 7.6.5

BlueDict is a powerful dictionary which is fully compatible with MDict data format, the best one on Windows Mobile platform. HTML, Images, Text-to-S

1244 3.89 MB

Spectacular, interactive 3D simulation of the moon, right down to the shadows in the craters and earthshine on the dark side. Touch screen control cha

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