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Loopt Updated 4.5.2

Loopt gives you the inside scoop everywhere you go — see what locals think, find your friends, and get deals! *NEW* Loopt u-Deals: The first progra

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Bleep Updated 1107

Bleep, currently in alpha, is a private messaging app by BitTorrent that lets you make voice calls and send text messages over your wi-fi or cellular

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密友 Updated 1.0.2

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DrawWiz Updated 4.0.1

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抬杠 Updated 3.7.1

★全國最大、最好玩的語音社區 ★《天天向上》欄目組強力推薦語音社交平臺, 汪涵、歐弟、延參法師、釋道心、憤怒主播萬峰等名人入駐。和明星直接語音對聊 ★千萬用戶同時線上,占星、測試、情感、兩性、人生相談……隨時隨地有人和你聊 ★數十個精品頻道打造暢聽體驗,音樂、曲藝、脫口秀、有聲小說應有盡有,讓

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nicoid Updated 5.21

nicoid is an application for viewing and comfortable video community site "Nico Nico Douga".The main function- Watch video- Pop-up video playback (ove

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Jink Beta Updated 3.1.1

**Named one of the BEST ANDROID APPS OF 2014 by The Next Web**** Featured in Google Play Store **** Best New Apps of July from The Guardian, The Next

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Luna Updated 0.1

Luna是一款简洁, 全功能的新浪微博客户端. 目前市场上新浪微博客户端繁多, 为什么我们要'重复造轮子'? 事实上, Luna 是一款科研相关的产品, 属于研究项目 eTime (http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpls/abs_all.jsp?arnumber=656676

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FlyScreen Updated 3.4.15

FLYSCREEN 3.0 IS FINALLY HERE! FlyScreen’s fast. Embed your twitter, facebook, news, weat

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Skype Qik Updated

Introducing Skype Qik (say “quick”), a free* video messenger made for capturing moments and sharing laughs throughout your day. Set up a group and imm

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好奇喵 Updated 7.2.0


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Pinterest Updated 6.8.0

Pinterest is a tool to help you discover and plan things you want to do. When you find something that looks interesting, just Pin it! Pins are visual

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脸萌HD Updated 1.0.1

脸萌 for Pad,感觉自己萌萌哒~ [最美应用]与[AppSolution]官方推荐,36氪、爱范儿等知名媒体报道。 「脸萌HD」是一款非常有趣的拼脸软件,即使你不会画画,也可以轻松制作你的专属卡通头像。

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Sup Updated 2.1.3

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Twidroyd PRO Updated 6.1.2

Twidroyd PRO (fka Twidroid) is the #1 full-featured Twitter client for Android. Compared to the free version, Twidroyd PRO users will always get ne

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飘飘 Updated 5.6.7

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OnePlusBBS Updated v2.5

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MSN​​​​​​ Updated 2.0.2

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湖畔 Updated 2.2.1

首创超人气亲密社交应用在这里,无所顾忌地与亲密的人分享真实生活,共同沉淀美好记忆。不再让你孤单,即使分隔异地,亲密的人也如同在一起。 贴心功能★好朋友,家人空间、二人世界,与亲密的人营造真实温暖★动感视频,随时捕捉“声动”画面★多图连记,一次可上传多达10张图片,串联精彩瞬间★独特的时间流方式沉淀生

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Weico Updated 4.7.1

Weico3 Android 全新设计,全新开发简而不减,滑而不华超过2500万用户正在使用的“微博客户端”,带来最个性的微博体验!Weico3 Android 提升3倍流畅度,难以置信的顺滑!发送微博更方便,手势返回更直观,建议升级到Android 4.0版以上,拥有更丰富的界面效果。Weico3

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微视 Updated


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人人2014 Updated 0.9.742

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Jego Updated ver1.6.3

Jego offers the renting and binding of China Mobile numbersJego is unique in that it is the only mobile app to offer the renting and binding of China

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BHD Updated 1.0.2

BHD is a free to use application which is specially designed to let Android users personalize their devices with a variety of high quality and unique

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Qzone Updated

QQ空间,超过6亿用户使用的社交网络。 致力于帮助用户随时随地“分享生活,留住感动”。产品主要功能: -可以浏览,评论好友发表的空间动态。 -可以发文字,语音,图片,日志,视频到你的空间。 -提供丰富的空间权限设置和图片权限设置,为你提供安全,放心的社交环境。 -提供大图,小图,无图等浏览

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TalkBox Updated 1.7

ACTIVATE YOUR VOICE!! EXPERIENCE A NEW WAY OF MESSAGING!!Experience the fastest messaging on Android Phone & Tablet! TalkBox is sending messages with

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VMS Updated 2.1.2

VMS Application can be transferred to an external device of your smartphone’s Screen.It is available only Galaxy S 2.2(froyo). Routing is required.

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WordPress Updated 7.3

WordPress for Android puts the power of publishing in your hands, making it easy to create and consume content. Write, edit, and publish posts to your

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QuizUp Updated 3.2.7

QuizUp is an award winning multiplayer trivia game and fan community. QuizUp has been ranked as the #1 Trivia app on Google Play in 14 countries, incl

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Home Updated 1.2

With Home, you can bring the content you care about to the front of your phone. Choose to customize your experience with photos and posts from Faceboo

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