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same Updated 3.1.4

9 40.15 MB
ET飞信精灵 Updated 2.7.8

1 716.45 KB
Path Updated 5.10.0

Path is the trusted place for your personal life. It's where you can be yourself, stay close to the people who matter most, and share life instead of

89822 22.77 MB
Shady SMS 3.0 Updated 25.34

Shady has absolutely no icon, and no open button, so how do you open the app? Shady uses telephone dialing code technology to open, the default dialin

2077 2.61 MB
微视 Updated 3.0.1


10 30.35 MB
AK微博 Updated

由archko開發的Andr​​oid版新浪微博第三方客戶端。 功能與特點: 簡單快速登錄操作,不需要跳轉到網頁授權。 有查看,評論,轉發,發新微博,關注,位置等微博基本功能。 最大化減少資源佔用,快速下載圖片。可快速顯示gif動畫圖片。 支持列表圖片顯示與隱藏,支持大圖。 使用下拉與上

8 2.05 MB
Facebook Updated

Keeping up with friends is faster than ever.• See what friends are up to • Share updates, photos and videos • Get notified when friends like and com

2278600 44.8 MB
iFollow Updated 1.0

52 99.23 KB
Jellynote Updated 4.0.4

Jellynote is the new social platform about music creation and performance.With Jellynote, you have a direct access to more than 150,000 free high qual

157 23.44 MB
TalkBox Updated 1.7

ACTIVATE YOUR VOICE!! EXPERIENCE A NEW WAY OF MESSAGING!!Experience the fastest messaging on Android Phone & Tablet! TalkBox is sending messages with

143 7.11 MB
Yo Updated 1.6.1

Get notified about the things you love as they happen.Just Yo // Yo Links // Yo Location —————————————————————Just Yo- Yo the ones you love to let the

4 6.94 MB
四次元 Updated 0.5.0beta9

Sina Weibo App report bug:https://github.com/qii/weiciyuan/issues?state=open source code:https://github.com/qii/weiciyuan

23 2.35 MB
好奇喵 Updated 7.2.0


6 7.06 MB
BHD Updated 1.0.2

BHD is a free to use application which is specially designed to let Android users personalize their devices with a variety of high quality and unique

57 2.77 MB
tsū Updated 3.2.11

Tsū is a free social network that gives the revenues back to you. Instead, we focus on payments. It's the right thing to do. Share your member url and

586 46.2 MB
Frontback Updated

With Frontback you take a photo with the front camera, another with the back camera, and share them both in a single image. Frontback is the most deli

1666 3.31 MB
Snowball Updated 1.1.6

Snowball shows messages from all your favorite social apps in ONE place. It’s the fastest way to talk to your friends!Snowball is *not* another messa

920 8.44 MB
Giza Updated 1.6.8

Feedback is always welcome! Twitter: twitter.com/laknockWe will keep making app stable and add more new features.Thank you very much for using Giza!Ma

34 2.91 MB
Sunnycomb Updated 1.5.0

Japan’s most popular weather app is now available worldwide! Sunnycomb is a social weather app that makes weather forecasts personal by including the

30 6.56 MB
Weico Updated 4.7.0

Weico3 Android 全新设计,全新开发简而不减,滑而不华超过2500万用户正在使用的“微博客户端”,带来最个性的微博体验!Weico3 Android 提升3倍流畅度,难以置信的顺滑!发送微博更方便,手势返回更直观,建议升级到Android 4.0版以上,拥有更丰富的界面效果。Weico3

112 16.13 MB
Friendcaster Pro Updated 5.4.4

Friendcaster Pro, the ads free version of Friendcaster, offers a beautiful interface, lots of unique features and push notifications.including…
 ★ Fu

1994 6.26 MB
FML Official Updated 7.0.8

This is the one and only official app for the popular fmylife.com website, which publishes the finest slices of day-to-day embarrassments and misfortu

26 11.48 MB
Bitmoji Updated 10.2.32

*One of Google's Best Apps of 2014!*Bitmoji is your own personal emoji.• Create an expressive cartoon avatar• Choose from a growing library of moods a

629 24.68 MB
吐司 Updated 3.2.0

14 15.53 MB
YY Updated 6.0.5

YY - 全网人气最旺真人视频直播社区!***男神女神小鲜肉,主播在线陪你玩,专属表演!***超4亿用户,百万人同在线,万人直播间一起嗨!***土壕和屌丝都热爱的娱乐必备神器,和寂寞说再见!===YY简介===【最火真人视频直播】女神主播、小鲜肉、萌系妹子、K歌达人、劲爆好声音、爆笑口才、MC喊麦、

348 25.83 MB
Lite Updated

This version of Facebook uses less data and works in all network conditions.

Facebook Lite is:
- Fast to install — the app is less than 1 MB
- Quick

18814 1.41 MB
Telegram Ultra Updated

4073 10.48 MB
Douban Updated 4.12.0

App Store“2014年度精选”唯一入选兴趣社交App汇集一亿人的生活趣味豆瓣App,帮你发现好生活豆瓣App是手机上的豆瓣www.douban.com,这里汇聚了1亿乐享生活的生活家,他们在豆瓣分享自己的生活经验、人生体验、购物见解,并以豆列的方式集合,内容涵盖书影音、美食、旅行、时尚、居家

23 19.48 MB
洋葱圈 Updated 1.5.4

十分厌恶各种无脑黑、地域攻击?受够了乌烟瘴气的吵架帖?热爱体育的你,值得一个更好的社区,与有趣的人一起分享体育快乐。在这里,你可以:- 找到志趣相投的朋友,尽情调侃吐槽- 和小伙伴结伴看球、刷直播,告别微信朋友圈- 点评比赛,和大家分享你的独特观点和看法- 随手查赛程数据,瞬间变身「体育数据帝」-

0 13.79 MB
嘀咕社区 Updated 5.1.0

15 9.2 MB
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