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M&B: Warband Updated 1.065

**RELEASE SALE 30% DISCOUNT** Buy now at a special price for a limited time only!Medieval Action RPG Strategy game Mount&Blade Warband is now availabl

1344 7.48 MB
Cuba's Days Updated 2.0.6

"I can assure you that you will ask yourself more than once if your choices are good." www.consoletoi.com "By its historical accuracy, Cuba's Days is

48 35.06 MB
Quest of Dungeons Updated

TouchArcade: 4/5 "...very good roguelike and a fun game" 148Apps: 4/5 "Sarcastically difficult" Quest of Dungeons is a turn based dungeon crawler game

1796 32.26 MB
RAGE Updated 0.0.53

1434 48.79 MB
Godville Updated 6.0.3

"The best game I've ever played with absolutely no gameplay." (TouchArcade.com)"Ultimately, GodVille is a fun, funny, incredibly clever little game."

223 4.44 MB
ZENONIA Updated 1.2.0

14326 7.15 MB
Phantom Rift Updated

The Phantom Rift: a dark, ethereal world filled with mystery and powerful magic. You don't know how or why you are there, only that you must find a wa

565 5.43 MB
LOTRLegends Updated 1.0.3

The freedom of Middle-earth is hanging in the balance. Follow the guidance of Gandalf and play as a Dwarf, Elf, Human, or Hobbit to quest for the One

365 14.28 MB
Auto RPG Updated 1.3.3

Automatic RPG is the RPG where you can let your Heroes do their own thing. Why? Well, because in this game, Heroes level up and earn EXP all by themse

532 46.76 MB
Inflation RPG Updated 1.5.4

You can increase your levels to over 100LV from just 1 battle! An exciting game of steady progression. Go for the highest levels within a limited numb

10070 41.26 MB
Planetventure Updated 3.1.0

Playing as the hero (Fred) your task is to discover new alien species and collect artifacts on abandoned planets. To get more species and artifacts yo

231 44.19 MB
Legend of Ixtona Updated 1.1.0g

SPECIAL PRICE56% OFF(USD 8.99 -> USD 3.99)!!!A full-scale Strategy RPG shown at an isometric view!Your aim is to change the course of history.Utilize

4105 40.32 MB
TheNine Updated 1.4.7

Game DescriptionWith loads of cute action, an RPG with a fresh new concept, NINE!Go on exciting adventures at the tap of a button. Hire up to 21 heroe

740 49.88 MB

Form your own pirate crew and set sail for adventure!Use the simple tap controls to pull off powerful combos!The world of One Piece awaits you!-An All

3919 49 MB
HideAndSeek Updated 1.9.1

Dorothy, who fell asleep in the closet while playing Hide and SeekComing out of the closet after waking up, she couldn't remember why she was there in

585 40.88 MB
IttleDew Updated 1.2

Adventuress Ittle Dew and her sidekick Tippsie crash onto a strange island, filled with loot and mysterious inhabitants. It quickly dawns on the duo t

322 9.45 MB
ZENONIA3 1.0.7

6989 9.86 MB

About:Crystal Story II is a turn-based RPG that follows the story of a young Dragon on his quest to defeat an evil witch. He must seek allies to aid h

633 47.43 MB
DQ1 1.0.7

********************The game that started the legend of DRAGON QUEST is here at last for mobile devices!Discover the RPG that won the hearts of two ge

2376 31.59 MB
NetHack 1.3.4

This is an Android port of NetHack: a classic roguelike game originally released in 1987.Main features------------- * User-friendly interface * 8 diff

1482 3.7 MB

★☆ LIMITED TIME OFFER : SPECIAL PRICE!!! ☆★ Appreciate customers event for only limited period on sale! $3.99 -> $0.99 (75% Discount!!) Do not miss th

1493 158.69 MB

FINAL FANTASY VI -- now on Android!FINAL FANTASY VI first debuted in 1994 as the sixth installment in the iconic FINAL FANTASY series. Innovations in

5068 7.19 MB

Legends Arcana is a single player action RPG like Diablo but not as dark. Explore ruins, dungeons, caves, tombs, and temples looking for gold and dodg

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FF アギト 3.0.4

●○● 待望の第2期スタート!! ●○●新たな物語を最初からスタートできます!100万ダウンロード突破!学園生活+戦争 異色のファイナルファンタジー!(基本プレイ料金無料) 【推奨端末の一覧/ゲームが起動しないお客様へ】 http://www.jp.square-enix.com/ff-agito/

365 13.59 MB

763 22.42 MB

The dark forces have taken control over the realm!Lead the epic heroes to defeat the Dark Lord and clear the darkness from the world!SIMPLE & INTUITIV

578 25.23 MB


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awakener 1.3

Fadi has been given permission to visit his Aunt Sylvia for the day - but Auntie Sylvia has a problem, and would like some help fixing it. Join Fadi o

135 12.48 MB

Important note from the translator :First of all, sorry for the wait.Due to a lack of free time on my part since June, the translation went nearly to

322 7.29 MB
Dragon Storm 3.7.01

Dragon Storm is an action-RPG adventure, leaving to find the evil Dark Lord for loose from the seal.One of the monsters in the fast hand-eye coordinat

637 26.06 MB
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