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Kernel Adiutor Updated

Requires Root!WARNING: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES ON YOUR DEVICE!An application which manages kernel parameters.It depends on your kernel wh

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Do Not Disturb Updated 1.1

With Do Not Disturb, you can silence calls and notifications that you get . You can also schedule a time or choose who you'll allow calls from.Just li

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AquaMail Updated

AquaMail is an email app for Internet and Exchange mail, for Android 2.1 and higher.Easy automatic setup for popular email services: Gmail, Yahoo, Hot

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Perfect Uninstaller Updated 1.26

Perfect Uninstaller is a professional android system tool. It could help you to uninstall applications easily and effectively. [Feature]★ Two unin

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Droid48 Updated 1.72

Emulator of the HP 48 scientific calculator, using RPN. Port of the X48 project (sources available on github). HP48's "grayscale mode" cannot be emula

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Semdroid Updated 1.1.0

Semdroid is a static Android application analysis framework.It employs several different analysis plugins that are capable of assessing an application

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WSM tools Updated 2.3.5

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TimeStack Updated 1.1.2

This app help you to allocate your time effectively. Simple to record and visualize your time! Track your time.

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WiFi密码查看 Updated 2.0


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Walk&Text Updated 2.3.1

"Walk and Text" is on Sale, grab it while it lasts!As seen on the Queen Latifah show:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVO5GW7AeLEWalk and text freely w

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Super Optimize Updated 2.93

★★★★★ Galaxy Note II kenneth kendrick Great app! Works perfectly fine on my Samsung Note 2. No issues so far. I recommend this app for anyone lo

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Note Anytime Updated

### 75% price off for now!! ###### Tabby Award Winner for Best Personal Productivity App of 2013 ### Note Anytime is now the paid version which inclu

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Backup & Restore Updated 3.0.2

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BlindLauncher Updated 1.1

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AutoVoice Updated 3.0.6.bf

Control your Android device with your voice, now even via your Bluetooth headset! You can even redirect all audio to your Bluetooth headset and also r

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包包手势 Updated 2.3

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CM Battery Updated 1.3.10

A brand new battery saving app developed by the team behind Clean Master and Battery Doctor.CM Battery is a free battery saving app that is specifical

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金山炫机精灵 Updated


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1Password Updated 6.5.2

Try 1Password for free today and see for yourself why The Guardian ranks us as one of "The best Android apps of 2014".1Password creates strong, unique

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koalcat's Clear Updated v1.2.3

I think "Clear for iPhone" is a cool App, so I make the koalcat's Clear for Android ^_^ I don't want this app to be a copycat, so it will be not exac

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CalenGoo Updated 1.0.169

CalenGoo is a calendar app that can sync with Android calendar and Google Calendar. It is designed to make it easier and faster to work with your cale

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Handy Scanner Updated 2.0

Handy Scanner Pro turns your phone or tablet into a powerful document scanner. Say goodbye the piles of paper that follow you around. You can scan mul

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Gemini Calendar Updated 2.13

*** If you have any problems, email me ****** See the explanation of the registration retrieval here: http://bit.ly/JdQi4r ***Easy to use calendar app

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360 File Manager Updated 5.5.2

360 File Manager Master is a powerful Android filemanager, a clear classification allows you to quickly find pictures, videos, music, docs, apps, arch

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Powersaver Updated v1.5.5

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Voice Alerts Updated 2.1

COMPLETELY REVAMPED VERSION OF VOICE ALERTS! (Previous Version featured 4/5 Stars on Google Play)Voice Alerts uses the Text-To-Speech capabilities of

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Safe In Cloud Updated 8.5.4

Still using the same password for all your web accounts? Letting the browser remember your passwords or keeping them in your mailbox? THEN YOU ARE AT

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LogMeIn Updated 2.5.1279

Access your computer from your Android, and never leave anything behind. If it’s on your computer, it’s in the palm of your hand. Directly control yo

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Guobi Keyboard Updated


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