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Shop Samsung Updated 1.0.10022

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Shadowgun Legends Updated 0.4.0

Get epic rewards at launch by entering your email here: shadowgunlegends.com/pre-register Download the best RPG shooting game for free now! Experience

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Dragon Blaze Updated 5.1.1

Extraordinary graphics RPG ★Dragon Blaze★ You're the only one who can solve the mystery about this never ending war! Get ready to go on an adventure i

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Kung Fu Do Fighting Updated 10.1

==What's new? 1. New Function : add 5 difficulties - EASY / NORMAL / HARD / DEVIL / HELL 2. Here a new Kung Fu master is coming. LAURA, the queen of C

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The Sims™ Mobile Updated

Play with life in The Sims Mobile! Create your Sims, give them unique personalities, and customize their homes with more detail than ever before on mo

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Ampere Updated v2.19

Did you ever felt, that one Charger/USB cable set charges your device really fast and the other not? Now, you can prove this with Ampere.Measure the c

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WA Tweaks Updated 2.8.0

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YouTube Go Updated 1.06.58

Introducing YouTube Go

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Cake Web Browser Updated 1.0.15

Cake is a better browser for your phone. SWIPE THROUGH SEARCH RESULTS No more jumping back-and-forth between a search results page and the result link

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Through offroad mountains enjoy extreme cargo trip with hill truck. Get ready to play a most realistic Indian truck free game. You can enjoy cargo sim

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Run your business wherever you are. Whether you have one or multiple Shopify stores, this app makes it easy for you to manage your orders and products

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Files Go is a new storage manager that helps you free up space on your phone, find files faster, and share them easily offline with others.FREE UP MOR

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삼국지 명가 KOEI와 넥슨의 첫만남! 모바일로 만나는 SRPG의 명작! 삼국지 조조전 Online! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ■ 시뮬레이션 게임의 명가 KO

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메가스터디의 모든 서비스가 모바일로! 메가스터디 스마트러닝! 언제 어디서나 메가스터디의 강의를 재생할 수 있으며 다운로드 강의는 "다운로드 강좌"를 통해 네트워크가 연결되지 않은 상황에서도 수강이 가능합니다. [주요 기능] 1. 수강중 강좌 - HD급 고화질/저화질 스

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다크타운 RPG Updated 0.912b

2018년 신작 모바일 인디 게임 `다크타운 RPG`입니다. 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 문명에서 한참을 떨어진 숲속의 한적한 마을 `다크타운`. 오랜 세월 동안 평화롭던 이 마을에 의문의 사건이 생기는데... 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 ☆☆☆

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週刊少年ジャンプ創刊50周年記念アプリが遂に配信! 創刊から現在までの歴代人気作品が続々登場する、 懐かしくて新しい「名シーン読み返しカードバトル」。 ジャンプ50年分の歴史を辿り、最高の『オレジャンプ』を創り出せ! ◆集めるのは2種類のカード ①原作イラストを忠実に再現した「キャラクターカード」

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天華百剣 -斬- Updated 1.12.2

■50振を超える刀剣少女"巫剣"たち 名だたる刀剣が少女の姿になって登場。 個性豊かな彼女たちの中から、お気に入りの"巫剣"を見つけて、君 だけの最強部隊を編成しよう! ■白熱のアクション剣撃RPG! 指先ひとつでミニキャラになった刀剣少女"巫剣"たちがフィールド を自由に駆け回る! 多彩なスキルを

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〜14歳の少年少女が紡ぐ、終わりなき螺旋の物語〜 本格ファンタジーRPG「ラストピリオド」 簡単操作で白熱バトル!個性豊かなキャラクターたちと一緒に ラスピリの世界を今すぐ体験しよう! 【ゲーム紹介】 —————————————————————————————————— 強い絶望とともに死した魂が、

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2017年、東京ーーー 変わらない風景、穏やかな日常。 その裏で人知れず戦い続ける少女たちがいた。 DOLLS 今をときめく人気アイドルグループとは仮の姿、その正体は国家所属の戦闘組織だった! 数年前から東京に潜み、陰で人々を喰らってきた異形の存在「ピグマリオン」 その浸食域は都内広域にまでおよぶも

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