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Progression Updated 3.9

Fitness tracking made simple, and beautiful. Seamlessly integrated with Dropbox to backup and sync your workout sessions and programs to all your devi

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百姓网 Updated 8.0.1


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12580生活 Updated 4.2.2

朋友聚会:查查附近有什么吃喝玩乐的好地方; 车没油了:查找附近最近的加油站; 买火车票:查找附近的订票点;12580客户端,为您提供全方位的城市生活信息。任何与生活息息相关的信息,我们都能帮你查到!主要功能: ---随时随地查询餐饮,娱乐,购物等商家信息; ---根据您的位置,自动显示附近的

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LucidDream Updated 1.4.9

Do you want to take control of your dreams and experience your wildest desires? Controlling your mind while dreaming will allow you to jump into a f

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Airbnb Updated 17.10.china

Make travel planning as mobile as you are with the Airbnb Android App! Airbnb opens the door to the world’s most interesting places to stay and is the

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PocketBell Updated 2.2.4

PocketBell starts your day with good music, with your music!Online radio and MP3 alarmsYour favorite radio-station or audio-files (MP3) will get you o

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Smart Dimmer Updated 1.3.1

Is the screen always too bright?Smart Dimmer is a free app designed to help control the brightness of your mobile screen. It becomes very useful when

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Dreamdays Updated 1.0.2

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必胜宅急送 Updated 3.07


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全国麦当劳通用。上海、广州、张家口、绵阳、青岛、深圳、 天津、北京、武、汕头、宝鸡、南京、呼和浩特、四川泸州、山西太原,以上城市已有热心网友验证可用电子券 杭州、厦门麦当劳亲测可用 功能简介: 1、完美的离线功能 2、优惠券过期后能自动提示更新 3、可选择性下载需要的优惠券 4、提供

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Played through headphones, binaural beats have long been used to alter the dominant frequency of brain activity, with a variety of goals: deep sleep,

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海淘通 Updated 1.8

已支持70家海淘快递的跟踪查询,并实时推送通知!【软件介绍】手机平台唯一的海淘一体化物流查询跟踪软件,专为海淘用户打造的海淘利器!提供便捷的运单查询管理服务,创新的二维码同步快递单号,贴心的物流跟踪提醒,以及全面的快递信息列表展示【核心功能】1. 运单管理:以每单宝贝为中心,提供一站式的物流跟踪管理

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Air Tips Updated 2.0.2

AirTips is a simple and elegant widget to retrieve the real-time China’s AQI (Air Quality Index) data. With the clear and elegant user interface, you

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NIKE GOLF 360° Updated 1.0

The Nike Golf 360 app provides the measurement and motivation you need to improve your golf game. Score your rounds, analyze your performance, track y

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HERE Updated 2.0.11304

Featured in the Guardian, the New York Times, TechCrunch, Forbes, CNET, Mashable and moreHere's to finding your way no matter where you are. Here's to

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Scientific 7 Pro Updated 1.7

*Featured on LifeHacker and XDA Developers*Scientific 7 Minute Workout is the newest and most-advanced HICT (High-Intensity Circuit Training) app for

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McD Coupon China Updated 2012.05.19

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Palmary Weather Pro Updated 1.27

Weather application with intuitive user interface will minimize amount of actions you need, to get necessary information and stay updated 24/7.Forecas

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美餐 Updated 2.8.7


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Mi Home Updated 4.1.7

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Simplest Reminder Pro Updated 2.0.2

What is Simplest Reminder?It is the easiest to use reminder application in the whole Google Play Store.What does it do?Simplest Reminder allows you to

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XONE CLOCK Updated 1.01

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7M Workout Updated 1.5.1

A Scientific, Personalized Fitness Experience in 7 Minute Intervals. Reviews of the app say:“This app is easy to use and has a great selections of wor

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WWDiary Updated 6.6.8

I wrote this application because I started doing Weight Watchers with my wife.Free base app features:* Food tracker* Weight tracker* Supports new & ol

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Week Calendar Updated

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嘀嘀打车 Updated 4.4.10

嘀嘀打车、随嘀随行、嘀嘀一下、马上出发 1.时下最热、最酷、帅的手机「打车神器」。 2.覆盖最广、用户最多、最受用户喜爱的手机「打车」应用。 3.出行必备、百秒应答、体验最好手机打车软件。 4.预约用车:三天内全国已开通城市间无缝预约。 5.13座城市、15万辆正规出租车、85%呼叫成功率

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Pocket IKEA Updated 3.6

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We are proudly presenting first, fully animated Analog Clock Live Wallpaper and Widget Collection on Android. Live Wallpaper or Widget with animated

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Packetracer Updated 2.16

Traces your parcel, express anywhere and reports status anytime. Super traffic saving! 5 times querying costs only 1KB. Support barcode scan. More tha

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SoftLight Updated 2.0

SoftLight is a soft phone screen color temperature adjustment software , which lets your phone softer color temperature , relieve prolonged use of mob

77 3.23 MB
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