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Distant Suns (max) Updated 1.0.9

Finalist in TabTimes Best Tablet App contest in the Family category.Distant Suns (max) astronomy app is an award-winning hand-held planetarium with ov

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Orrery Updated 1.007

Experience our solar system and visit its planets with this digital 3D orrery.Just sit back and orbit the planets or even land on some of them while l

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掌中英语 Updated 5.3.1


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IdeaCalc Updated 3.8.1

AI calculator perhaps is the most humanized calculator in android platform. It's most distinguishing feature is very adaptive to touch screen. It's ce

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Mobile Observatory Updated 2.61

Mobile Observatory is one of the most complete astronomy apps on the Android market and the perfect tool for anybody interested in the sky's wonders,

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Algebra Updated 1.0.4266668

Taking algebra? Then you need the Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant. This definitive app for algebra--from the world leader in math software--will help

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While you enter data, the app will calculate statistics and draw graphs corresponding to the data entered.Available graphs: - Bar chart - Histogram

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Timetable Updated 1.7.8

Timetable is the most beautiful and intuitive app on Google Play for managing your school or university life. Save your timetable and all tasks from h

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驾考宝典 Updated 6.6.6

驾考宝典,考驾照必备!按照《2013年新机动车驾驶教学与考试大纲》全面解读2013年新交规,提供章节练习、强化练习、模拟考试等功能帮助驾校学员熟悉交通法规、加强对驾驶员理论题库的理解。熟悉驾驶技能、理论考试技巧,驾照考试更有保障!★全程指导学车流程:包括报名学车、理论考试、场地考试、路考! ★联合

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百词斩 Updated 6.1.5


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Biscuit Updated 4.0.4

EVERNOTE DEVCUP 2013 FINALISTBiscuit is the ultimate language learning sidekick - Faster than a dictionary, easier to use than traditional flash cards

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Words Plus Updated 2.4.0


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The application contains more than 800 formulae integrated in 144 calculators.The program calculates the following: Area, Volume, Angle, Diagonal, Alt

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Developer Apps Direct is a large and growing collection of library demos. We make it fast and easy for app developers to discover great libraries and

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Duolingo 3.43.3

Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English. Totally fun and 100% free.• Google Play's "Best of the Best" 2013.• "Among apps for l

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Solve Math problems and plot functions. Full featured scientific calculator . It can help you solve basic calculations to college calculus. With "Ma

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IMPORTANT: Please take your time to test the Lite version first, to ensure device compatibility.Realistic 3D space travel simulator and planetarium.In

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MathPac+ 11.1

Graphing Calculator Application designed for Comprehensive Mathematics & Statistics on your Phone or Tablet. - MathPac+ offers Precision, Accuracy a

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HomeWork Pro 7.6.2

1. HomeWork app to keep track of your homework and Timetable. 2. The app has five(5) main screens: - Main Menu - List with all homework assignmen

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包含英语四级, 六级, 考研, 雅思, 托福, GRE词库,单词有发音以及例句,支持乱序背诵、生词本、辞典等功能,可以自动科学安排新单词的学习以及生词复习过程。 程序保持小清新的风格,无广告,也无需联网。如果有建议欢迎留言评价:) 单词喵喵喵是一个开源软件,代码在 https://github.

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Exoplanet Explorer takes you on a journey into deep space, beyond the limits of our Solar System. Based on the latest available data, you'll explore v

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DailyArt 1.3.2

Every day get inspired by the classic art masterpieces and stories they hide, with one of the 12 best educational apps of 2012 according to The Next W

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Graphing calculator with algebra. Essential tool for school and college. Replaces bulky and expensive handheld graphing calculators.Multiple functions

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Puzzles 1.6

Kids from 2 to 6 will have fun solving their first puzzles. With 14 different puzzles, nice sound effects, beautiful graphics, this game will entertai

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课程格子 9.0.3

课程格子是一款专门为大学生设计的课程表、学习安排APP,我们已经陪伴数千万大学生走过三个学期。春节来临,祝同学们新年快乐,好好享受寒假吧:)◈App Store官方2012年度精选应用 ◈全国3000所高校全覆盖,1000万节大学课程数据 ◈同步高校教务系统,一键导入课程表 ◈千万大学生

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Shandy: Handy Schedule App brought by students for students and teachers. Intuitive and simple, it helps to keep life together every day. Perfect stud

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The premium version of the best selling Astronomy and Star Gazing App. ----- *** Includes all the in-app upgrades from Star Chart in one package! **

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可以离线使用的成语词典。 -- 功能特点: ★ 可以无条件的关闭广告。 ★ 共收录成语二万二千余条,其中正文条目五千余条,余为附录条目。 ★ 每条成语包括释义、出处、拼音、参考词、近义词、反义词等内容。 ★ 正文条目更包含内容非常丰富的典源及典源说明。 ★ 支持汉字、通配符号?、拼音首字

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C4droid 5.00

C4droid is a user-friendly (but powerful) C/C++ IDE + C/C++ compiler for Android. Basic features: - Offline compiler: create your own applications o

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Math Ref 2.5.9

Browse over 1,400 formulas, figures, and examples to help you with math, physics, chemistry and more. Use an expanding list of helpful tools such as a

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