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SyncMe Updated 2.08.8931

Copy, move, sync and backup your mp3, pictures and documents over WiFi, USB tethering, cellular VPN or wired network to your computer or NAS device. N

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短信宝盒 Updated 2.2.2

SMS BOX is used to facilitate communication between you and the others, it offers a variety of classes lively and interesting content, the form throug

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No Signal Alert Updated 2.1.2

Featured in Lifehacker.com's "One Dozen Super-Useful Android Apps" as "Especially useful for when you’re expecting that important call that just isn’t

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Espier Browser Updated 2.0.4

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火种通讯录 Updated 3.1.2

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Messenger Updated

Instantly reach the people you care about.Messenger is a fast, free and reliable way to stay in touch. It's just like texting, but you don't have to p

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Beebo Updated 3.2.3

《Beebo微博客户端》开源并且免费,Beebo在GPL v3协议下开放所有源代码(https://github.com/andforce/Beebo),完全没有恶意代码,任何人都可以查看并修改源码。Beebo具有的特点:1:支持私信。2:支持搜索。3:支持发9图微博。4:支持自定义微博尾巴。5:大

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droid VNC server Updated 1.1RC0

Allows you to remote control your android within your computer!Your device must be ROOTED!Features: - Password authentication - Rotate/Scale - Wif

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Flynx Updated 2.1.2

★★★★★ Featured as one of the essential apps on playstore by Google.★★★★★ Featured on LifeHacker, Gizmodo, Economic Times, Addictive Tips, Android Comm

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BIG! caller ID Updated

With more than 2 million installations and great ratings you can be sure it's the best full screen caller app in the Play StoreBIG! Full Screen Caller

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360口信 Updated 1.5.0

口信是360安全公司推出的一种聊天工具。 口信是基于手机通讯录的熟人沟通工具,融合了普通短信和免费语音消息、图片和文字,省钱省流量,保障消息实时准确送达。并且可以通过智能推荐、新浪微博等途径认识更多人。 类似于微信,米聊之类的产品/大家可以下载来玩玩哦

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Zoho Mail Updated 2.1.8

Zoho Mail is the Ad-FREE Email and Calendar app for Android that empowers professionals to work smarter from anywhere, anytime. Manage multiple email

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PMSG Updated 2.0.0

A simple Holo-style SMS encryption program, you can receive the designated contact privacy texting. Add intimate contact, your private messages sent t

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Wireless Tether Updated 2.0.7

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Smartisan Mail Updated 1.3.0

Smartisan Mail provides you a simple, elegant and efficient Android mailing experience.Features:1. Support all major mailing protocols, with one-click

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Contact2SimPro Updated 1.33

Copy your contacts to the SIM card and manage them.*** To be sure it works on your phone, try the free version first ***Erase SIM and Copy the missing

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Bluetooth ToolKit Updated 1.3.1

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多趣短信 Updated 3.4.0

awesome SMS application for Android

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Network Info II Updated 0.7.1

2.1+ version of "Network Info" Donate version available, buy me a coffee :)Shows info about the phone and the current network, Bluetooth, IPv6 and Ce

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通讯助理 Updated 2.1.3

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exDialer Updated 196

☆Super easy-to-use☆Fast and smooth☆Extra light-weight☆Smart T9 algorithm☆30+ languages☆Directly call/text to someone by swiping left/right☆Various the

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TT通讯录 Updated 1.3.0

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海豚浏览器 Updated 9.3.0

最强大的Android手机浏览器 谢谢大家的支持,使海豚浏览器从2009年末登录Android操作系统就一直受到大家的关注和喜爱。现在获得上千万的下载量也是对我们莫大的鼓励。 最新版本的海豚浏览器有更为时尚的UI,力求和你的爱机更般配;也增加了更多创新功能,使你智能手机在上网时能释放更卓越的

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Naked Browser Updated 1.0

PLEASE READ1)Uses a minimal user interface to conserve resources. If you do not like the screenshots or do not want to learn a new interface then do n

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Now SMS Updated 2.2.7

Now SMS, your messages with a new look!Now SMS is a messaging client that allows you to send and read your SMS or MMS with a graphics in pure Google N

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QC 归属地 Updated 0.11

Attention: This application applies only to China, can not be used in any other countries! 注意:本程序只适用于中国大陆!最快、最新、最省资源的 Android 版 QCellcore 归属地程序!采用和

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DSploit Updated 1.0.31b

dSploit is an Android network analysis and penetration suite which aims to offer to IT security experts/geeks the most complete and advanced professio

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大板凳 Updated 2.1.5

最新版2.1.5提供下载!· 优化图片处理性能· 修复数十个已知BUG大板凳是专为 “iPhone/Android 手机及平板电脑”开发的论坛应用。大板凳应用支持所有论坛常用功能,并支持“全屏浏览图片,图片上传,多论坛账户管理”等超赞功能!大板凳值得尝试的五大理由:1. 专为手机及平板电脑用户定制的

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