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  • Absolute System

    Updated 10 min ago Download

  • Snow Stars FULL

    When the snow falls outside the window and there is no wind, snowflakes dance calmly in the air. Thi

    Updated 11 min ago Download

  • BBQScreen

    BBQScreen lets you see your Android device's screen on your computer at fullspeed, including sound,

    Updated 13 min ago Download

  • Multi Mount SD-Card

    If you don't have rooted your phone, you can use this application to simplify mounting sdcard.Any pr

    Updated 14 min ago Download

  • Stellarium Mobile

    Stellarium Mobile is a fully-featured planetarium for your phone. It shows a realistic night sky map

    Updated 16 min ago Download

  • Action Launcher

    ★★★ Featured by Engadget, Google Play, Lifehacker, MKBHD and Leo Laporte on TWiT ★★★ ★★★ "Action La

    Updated 17 min ago Download

  • Secure Settings

    Secure Settings is a Locale/Tasker compatible plug-in for Android 2.2+.ATTENTION: Please use the "He

    Updated 18 min ago Download

  • Hi-Q MP3 Recorder

    Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder records directly into high-quality MP3 files!Record voice notes, songs, serm

    Updated 19 min ago Download

  • Vignette

    "Vignette is AMAZING. @neilgaiman introduced me to it." - Wil Wheaton (@wilw)Use more than 70 custom

    Updated 20 min ago Download

  • Note Anytime

    ### 75% price off for now!! ###### Tabby Award Winner for Best Personal Productivity App of 2013 ##

    Updated 22 min ago Download

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  • Scramble Free

    The wait is over! The hottest new word game has arrived on Android, with all new features to enjoy

    Updated 12 min ago Download

  • Brick Game Simulator

    Do you remember those times when you were spending a lot of time playing Brick Game, Snake, Arkanoid

    Updated 15 min ago Download

  • Mandora

    =========== Over 7 million downloads worldwide Your devices deserve an adorable and challenging

    Updated 21 min ago Download

  • Sleepwalker's Journey

    Take a beautiful journey into dreams!Meet drowsy Moonboy. Blown out of bed by a big lunar sneeze, he

    Updated 25 min ago Download

  • RollNY3D

    Take a thrilling ride through the city that never sleeps with 3D Rollercoaster Rush NY! With the re

    Updated 28 min ago Download

  • Supersonic HD

    *** RACE ON TRACKS CREATED FROM YOUR OWN MUSIC ***Supersonic is an adrenaline-charged, music-driven

    Updated 31 min ago Download

  • 100 Floors

    Are you the key master? The key master has given you a Master Key! Use it to unlock the doors and pa

    Updated 35 min ago Download

  • Robbery Bob

    Introducing the Man of Steal… Play as Bob, the hapless burglar intent on changing his ways. Unfort

    Updated 36 min ago Download

  • Wood Bridges

    Use your fingers to build wood bridges and let the vehicles cross them. Use as less material as you

    Updated 37 min ago Download

  • Legend Of Master 3

    Legend of Master 3 Ultimate Mystery RPG Long ago, an evil sorceress named B'Kar petrified Cain's f

    Updated 38 min ago Download

  • MU


    Updated 40 min ago Download

  • Totemo HD

    TOTEMO is a game designed to soothe your mind and train your brain.Uncover the mystery hidden betwee

    Updated 1 hours ago Download

  • EnigmOn

    Do you like to solve brain-teasing riddles ? Do you like to rack your brain on problems ? Do you l

    Updated 1 hours ago Download

  • ∮Lightopus

    What's New: Universal version and support Full HD devices.Go, Lightopus! You are the last of our kin

    Updated 2 hours ago Download