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Wink Wink Updated 5.5.1

A simple, easy and fun to play but challenging game, can be played hands-free, with eyes alone. Best played in Normal light conditions with Face cente

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This is a free 20-turn version of Conflicts: Battle of Suomussalmi, which is a turn based strategy game set on the border area between Finland and the

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Mobile C64 Updated 1.10.7

Emulator for the popular 80's home computer C64. Can be controller via touchscreen, trackball, keyboard and/or external USB/bluetooth controllers. Off

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TSP 5 in a Line Updated 1.62

5 in a Line (also known as Gomoku or Connect 5) is a classic strategy board game, played on an 15x15 board. Players take turns placing their pieces in

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Colorful Light Bulbs Updated 1.1.0

An addictive puzzle game. The rules are simple: turn on adjacent colored light bulbs to get the indicated color. Remember that you get another color b

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4 Parole Updated 3.9.6

Il gioco 4 Parole è un divertente passatempo. Bisogna individuare la parola che si lega con i 4 suggerimenti presenti sulla schermata. La presenza deg

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UFO Defender Updated 1.0.7

UFO Defender game - simple clicker

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Quiz EPS Updated 1.20

Cette application est idéale pour apporter des connaissances de façon ludique à vos élèves Au début d'un cycle pourquoi ne pas donner des devoirs à vo

10.07 MB

¿Eres de Santa Cruz de la Zarza y crees que sabes mucho de tu pueblo? ¿Tienes familiares, amigos o conocidos allí y te gustaría conocer más de su pueb

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Professor Bubble needs your help! In his excitement over his new bubble machine, he has flooded his own laboratory with bubbles. You’ve been equipped

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Marble Tap Updated 1.08

Pop 2 or more adjacent bubbles of the same color. The larger group of bubbles you pop, the higher score you get for every bubble. Highlights: * 396 fr

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Arrow Hero Updated 2.1.4

If you would like to relax in few minutes, this is your game! Practice your archery skills, pop as many balloons as you can. But avoid the black ballo

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Pesoguin Card Playing Updated

This is a very simple game. "Pesoguins story" Initially play a card. Then follow suit, face or figure. The more cards you can play, the higher score y

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Shadow Solitaire Updated 1.1.7

In this unique Solitaire game you have to link the cards together by matching them with cards of higher or lower rank, and fill in the shapes on the s

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Coloring by numbers with Pixyfy is an excellent way to spend the time. Relax, calm down, develop your creativity and imagination with coloring pages.

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Colorante is a beautiful coloring for all, it perfectly suits for boys and girls of any age, from the smallest to schoolchildren. Coloring book for ch

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Age Of Fight : Empire Defense is a tactical strategy game quite familiar to us. Your main mission is to become the leader of your army to defend your

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7 Λέξεις Updated 4.17

Επτά λέξεις, σπασμένες σε είκοσι κουτάκια!Μπορείς να τις βρείς; Πώς παίζεται! 1.Δίνονται 7 στοιχεία και ψάχνεις 7 λέξεις. 2.Βρες τις 7 λέξεις με οποια

17.99 MB

◆에브리타운에 이은 흥행, '플레로게임즈'의 감성 레스토랑 경영 SNG ◆동화 속 주인공들과 함께하는 두근두근 PARTY TIME !▶세계 각국의 다양한 레스토랑 요리를 직접 만들어봐요! ◀ - 최고급 요리에 어울리는 맛있는 음료까지 뚝딱! - 요리사님! 여기 파스타

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Dama Online Updated 1.4.1

Gamyun Dama online oyunumuz şimdi telefonunda, üstelik ÜCRETSİZ, reklamsız. Artık her yerde oyun oynayıp arkadaşlarınla sohbet edebilirsin. ÜCRETSİZ O

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