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Sudoku for beginners and advanced players. Whether you'd like to relax or keep mind active – pass your free time in a pleasant way! Get a small stimul

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Sudoku with classic and easy puzzles modes . Play all day long and train you puzzler skills while solving this sudokus quizzes. Relax and spend hours

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Splice the strips Updated 0.41

To see the picture, you have to tap the "+" and "-" buttons until the brown numbers match the blue ones. Hold the "+" or "-" button to see what will c

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Space STG 3 - Empire of Extinction is a sequel to the intergalactic strategy game. It’s tactics & strategy game that recaptures and improves on the ma

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Satta Matka Updated 4.1

Application to access Number and Games with to play fun.

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Russian lotto online Updated 2.11.2

Russian Lotto - it's fascinating board game from childhood for you and your friends, in which we compete at our observancy. Play using cards with numb

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Rubik Cube 3D Updated 2.3

1-Realistic 3D graphics as if you were solving the real Rubik cubes 2-very fast cube rotations 3-auto backup

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Take your time with Recollect — top coloring book for adults! This color puzzle game lets your inner artist roam and create masterpieces in a simple w

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One More Bubble Updated 1.0.6

Challenging and addictive brick breaker with a touch of pool with very simple rules. Aim with the help of the predictive aim line, angles are key! Sho

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NoGame Updated 1.7.12

Enter the NO world and defend your country now! Download for free! From the creators of... NoGame!   NoGame, a multiplayer strategy game, is our first

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Monster Defense Updated 1.6

Build your defenses against the enemy with diamonds and cyboargs. You can build tower defense systems. You can have a chance to throw a nuclear bomb b

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Damla Memory Game Updated 1.11

It's a free memory game. The Memory Game, reminds you of matching cards, training memory, focus, and motor skills. A very good exercise for the brain.

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Makruk (Thai: หมากรุก; rtgs: Mak Ruk;), or Thai chess, is a board game descended from the 6th-century Indian game of chaturanga or a close relative th

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Do you want to know math tricks and forget about calculator in your daily live? This math trainer app will help you to get math skills and learn menta

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Mahjong Garden: Four Seasons is a relaxing Mahjong game with beautiful artwork and music set in a mysterious garden. This is the perfect Mahjong game

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Dive into a world of crime and mystery in our free new mahjong game! Adventure to unique locations, from spooky hotels to mysterious crime scenes. Sol

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Logic Line Updated 0.6

MSG games series presents to you a game, based on laws of gravity, momentum and inertia, "The Logic line game". Play the game and get engrossed and ad

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Jigsaw puzzle game to kill time! [Jigsaw puzzle] Easy to operate anyone. It is a common ordinary jigsaw puzzle. ・ VeryEasy  ・Easy ・Normal    ・ Hard   

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Kelime Bul Updated 2.23

Kelime Bul, sizi aynı anda başkalarıyla online olarak yarıştıran elinizden bırakamayacağınız kelime oyunudur. 4x4'lük tahtanın üzerinde parmağınızı ha

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A football lover lived in a desolate palace.Where the football lover was playing happily. It was then unexpectedly stuck in a room. Save the football

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