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Possiamo aiutarti in caso di : Vetro rotto o vetro touchscreen non funzionante LCD danneggiato Fotocamera danneggiata Connettore danneggiato o elettro

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Meter Updated 1.0.18

Shows inclination or tilt angle as a spirit level and as a number in degrees. Base angle can be calibrated with a button. Right side has a compass and

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Use this standalone keyboard app for Wear OS (Android Wear 2) to replace the stock keyboard and enjoy typing easily and freely. Having problems to typ

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No more struggling to write down short or long texts. Unlike other apps, NotesIn does not stop listening until you click on Pause. It converts your vo

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New App Updated 1.0

Test App Only For Test Release.

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If you like rap and hip hop wallpapers, you are going to love this type of “hip hop live wallpaper”. In fact, it is an animated dance wallpaper for th

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Wieria TV Updated 9.8

Trata - se de um aplicativo pago de TV filmes e séries It is a paid application for TV movies and series

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Tv Műsor Updated 4.8

Magyar Tv Műsorújság App: - 131 csatorna műsora - Most menü: megmutatja a jelenlegi, és a következő műsort a tv csatornákon. - Este menü: megmutatja e

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TwinTurbo VPN Updated 1.1.11

Best VPN

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PureWriter Updated 17.7.23

Nice to meet you!This is a simple plain text editor, we hope that writing can return to the original: Pure, safe, at any time, do not lose the content

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Facilicom 24 Worker Updated 1.55.3

Выполнение заявок Facilicom 24 сотрудниками ДС, РСУ Execution applications Facilicom 24 employees DS, DCS

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Dr. Alarm is a smart, reliable and modern alarm clock, timer and stopwatch. Our main goal is to make the app as stable as possible. We’ve dealt with

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Color Picker Updated 5.0.4

Color Picker - a simple and convenient application for determining the color through the camera or on the image.Define a color from several color pale

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Torah-Box Updated 300000.3

Torah-Box est l'association de diffusion du Judaïsme pour les francophones dans le monde, créée sous l'impulsion du tsadik Rabbi David ABIH'SSIRA et d

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FREE edition for a limited time **DISCLAIMER This app is not the official Xbox One/Xbox 360 app. It was designed with care to try and bring Xbox One/X

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FREE edition for a limited time **DISCLAIMER This app is not the official National app. It was designed with care to try and bring National users an o

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TucomunidApp Updated 2.2.0

TucomunidApp es una nueva forma de relacionarte con tu comunidad de vecinos. Se conecta directamente con los sistemas del administrador de fincas de t

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How to Gain Muscle Updated 3.5

How to Gain Muscle From Basics is a app that includes some very helpful information for How to Gain Muscle Without Supplements. How to Gain Muscle Fro

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Translator Foto is a versatile translation tool that supports 100+ language text translations and voice translation. What is the use of Translator Fot

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Scratch Photos Updated 0.6.3

Remove the background from your product photos and take your sales to the next level Our automatic background remover is powered by advanced AI techno

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