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無料で使えるフォーメーション計算アプリの決定版! 競馬予想や馬券購入に欠かせない計算を手軽に簡単に! 1着・1頭目、2着・2頭目、3着・3頭目の中から指定する数字をタップするだけの操作で、枠連、馬連、馬単、3連複、3連単の組み合わせ数を計算します。 [ 主な特徴 ] ・無料で使える ・最大4つの予想

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Download our latest mobile application to have all the sports on the go. A new way to follow all the sports events with schedules, odds, live and all

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『大会に向けて練習を積んできたけれど、十分に頑張れたかな?他の人と比べてどうだろう?』 『そういえば昔出した自己ベスト記録、塗り替えるには、どのくらい練習がいるのかな。昔の練習記録、どこに行ったっけ、、?』 TATTAは走る仲間のランニングポータル「RUNNET」と連動し、大会エントリー記録からレー

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Calçadão Updated 2.0.41

Quer saber tudo o que está rolando na sua academia, estúdio ou box, de maneira rápida, fácil e direto do seu celular? A nova TIMELINE do CALÇADÃO está

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CSA Updated 2.9.8

Com o app do Centro Sportivo Alagoano, você não perde nenhum detalhe da trajetória do Maior Campeão de Alagoas e tem todas as informações do clube em

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Plantsss Updated 2.23.7

Plantsss "Radar Ecológico": ¡Encuentra Árboles Nativos, Plantas Medicinales, de Interior, Costeras, Arbolado Urbano, Plantas de todo tipo; sus usos, c

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All exercise guides by video animation 3D (It is easy to understand) Home Workouts No equipment Pro provides daily workout routines for all your main

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プロ野球バーサス Updated 1.2.02

全国対戦プロ野球、開幕!! その手は、勝利をつかめるか!歓喜を叫ぶ、準備はあるか!? プロ野球愛を熱く揺さぶるのは、対戦だ! 「プロ野球バーサス」で全国のプレイヤーと白熱のリアルタイム対戦! バッティングもピッチングも簡単操作で本格野球! ダウンロードは無料、面倒な登録も不要! ■「全国リーグ」で最

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~ ねぇ、美少女チームのオーナーやろうよ♪ ~ 美少女サッカーゲームの金字塔! シリーズ累計200万人がプレイしたビーナスシリーズがサッカーに! 豪華声優陣を起用してミニキャラがダイナミックに動く試合シーンなど見どころ盛り沢山! アナタのお気に入りの美少女たちと勝利を目指そう! ◎今ならチュートリア

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The YMCA of Silicon Valley YFit app provides schedules, enables you to track and record workouts, set goals, participate in fun challenges and access

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HYPNOSE « PERDRE DU POIDS »* ◎ Une seule session audio chaque jour efficace en seulement 1 à 3 semaines ◎ Musique de fond paisible et sons de la natur

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Aetna Health Updated 3.23.0.prod

The Aetna Health℠ app puts you in charge of your health care and benefits. With just a few taps, you can find a doctor and see what procedures may cos

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Training diary Updated 4.7.8

Completely free of ads and gratis app with which your kilometer of up to four sports (jogging, cycling, swimming ...) could be saved. No data will be

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مجموعة طبيب Updated 3.50

عروض ارقى العيادات في جده ومكه والرياض والخبر بأسعار حصرية لعملاء التطبيق فقط ومخفضة الى ٥٠ ٪ مع اتاحة الحجز الفوري من التطبيق وشراء العرض على مدار ال

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W88|SPORT|APP Updated 2.0

★★ WELCOME TO OUR TOP APP ★★ Download our new app and instantly access the best sports 88 game. Now you can enjoy the fun and thrill of sports 88 game

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The Athletic Updated 10.0.1

Fall in love with the sports page again. The Athletic app lets you follow your favorite sports teams and leagues with smart, in-depth coverage you can

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● Moving by vehicle or bicycle is not measured by walking. - If "Setting -> Speed" is set to other than "Disable", the number of steps will not be ref

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Park Avenue Gymnastics Updated 6.0.4

Park Avenue Gymnastics offers Gymnastics & Tumbling Classes for Boys & Girls of All Ages & Skill Levels. We offer a variety of classes including Mom&

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Health and Gym Quotes Updated 2.0

Health and Gym quotes Stay Healthy. Stay Fit. Stay Motivated. It always stands a question to grab out some time for body exercise to maintain proper h

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Comunio Updated 1.11.52

Manage your team from your mobile! comunio, the online football manager game, lets you take control of your own football team. The game is based on th

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