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お薬の情報を管理したい方におすすめなドコモの無料電子お薬手帳! 皆さん、ご自分のお薬情報はきちんと記録されていますか? 複数のお薬を飲む場合には、飲み合わせに注意する必要があります。 お薬手帳にきちんとお薬情報を記録しておけば、薬剤師に正確な情報を伝えられるので安心です。 おくすり手帳Linkならお

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Vivy Updated 1.47.1

***Vivy is only intended for users who are 16+*** Vivy is your very own personal health assistant. Safe, easy, self-determined. Vivy supports you in r

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Sportiom 's-Hertogenbosch is ontstaan uit een initiatief van de gemeente en wordt geëxploiteerd door Sportfondsen. Voorheen waren er in 's-Hertogenbos

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Myzone™ Updated 2.33.1

Myzoneis the next big step in sports wearables, motivating you to get the most from exercise, whatever your fitness level, however you train. It lets

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LEIA ANTES DE BAIXAR: este aplicativo armazenará assuntos médicos e vídeos baixados sob demanda, imagens e figuras associados no armazenamento interno

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Healthy Kidz Updated 1.94

Healthy Kidz is an app for pupils undergoing the Healthy Kidz fitness and education program in Northern Ireland Note: This app is only useful at prese

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Throwing Knife Updated 2.36

"Throwing Knife" is a knife throwing simulator for mobile target. You can choose from the four targets. In addition, you can adjust the direction and

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Sports&More for 12Bet Updated 1.1

Finally you get all the events and all the entertainment on the go. Download out new app for free today.

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The game is a simulator of shooting a pistol Beretta 92. The main feature of the «Pistol shooting» game that distinguish it from other similar games i

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Pure PT Fitness Updated 4.2.9

Download the Pure PT App today to plan and schedule your classes! From this mobile App you can view class schedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing

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Expecting? Watch your baby grow every day with Ovia Pregnancy! Ovia Pregnancy’s personalized approach to tracking your baby’s development gives you an

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Football Penalty Updated 1.97

In the entertaining "Football Penalty" app, you, in turn represent itself as direct and the goalkeeper. In the app simple and intuitively clear manage

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Clinicia is a comprehensive practice management software for doctors. It is powerful yet easy to use tool for doctors to manage their clinical practic

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Complex Aquàtic Updated 1.9.5

Aplicació per al centre esportiu Complex Aquàtic. Accedeix a les dades del teu centre esportiu Complex Aquàtic. Des d'aquí pots donar-te d'alta en el

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This is the story of an adventuring hero who doesn't mind being below par. As a powerful wizard, you'll make your way through each floor of a treacher

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TVA Sports Updated 3.2.11

L’application TVA Sports, LA source d’information sportive francophone du Québec, est une APP que vous pouvez utiliser pour rester informé des nouvell

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My Coach Pro Updated 5.2.17

My Coach Pro is the prime communication channel between players and staff members of a team which uses the My Coach Premium platform and its performan

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GOOL Updated 0.20

Why is everyone going crazy about GOOL? Wanna know? Some time ago, a couple of guys were talking about the celebrity culture in today's football. Glam

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Essentrics Workout Updated 5.802.1

Stream 300+ dynamic stretching, toning & pain-relief Essentrics workouts! The creators of the award-winning TV programs Aging Backwards®, Forever Pain

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CN Sabadell Updated 3.67.14

¡Ya está aquí! Tras meses de desarrollo y pruebas lanzamos una nueva actualización en la que hemos tenido en cuenta los comentarios recibidos durante

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