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XOS Launcher (Theme & Wallpaper) is Infinix official launcher for your Android phone, and you can customize this launcher the way you want it to be: a

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Waterfall Live Wallpaper Updated 2.3.1

There are so many beautiful , amazing waterfall pictures. Flashing light, Great parallax effects... Hope you enjoy it. How to use: 1. Home -> Menu ->

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WatchMaster Updated 2.9.6

WatchMaster is a watchface designer group that set out to elevate the aesthetic standards of the smartwatch with its unrivaled design quality.--------

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Stylish Fonts Updated 1.18

Stylish Font is made with Motive to provide stylish look to Smart Phone with attractive Fonts. It has various fonts with instant preview so you can ta

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New Launcher 2017 Updated

Try the New Launcher 2017 now! Download one of the best themes in 2017 and enjoy a free launcher 2017 full version that will transform the way your ph

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Mirror Emoji Keyboard Updated 1.6.22

Want your own personal emoji? With Mirror Emoji Keyboard it is easier and faster than ever: Make one selfie Get your own personal emoji! You can post

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Magic Launcher Theme Updated

If you want to have a magical new look for your Android, we are more than happy to present you Magic Launcher Theme!This amazing dark magic theme will

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In case you don’t know, MIUI 9 (which stands for Mi User Interface and pronounced "Me You I", a play on the common abbreviation of the words user inte

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Launcher 2018 New Version Updated

With every new smartphone manufacturer your menu and background will look different but if you choose a launcher theme, you are sure to get the same l

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Launcher For Samsung Updated

If you're looking for the best Launchers for Android, then Launcher For Samsung is perfect for you! With beautiful app icons, a great selection of HD

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HiOS Launcher Updated

Theme: Abundant themes and wallpapers are here for you to chooseHi Search: Frequently-used apps, news&information, fast and efficient search for what

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Golden Launcher Updated

Get yourself a new superb launcher for Android. We love to design launcher themes free new 2017 version because we enjoy personalizing our Android sma

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The Samsung galaxy golden pure theme has gold theme live wallpaper with gold oro background, luxury simple Samsung galaxy S8 Plus lock screen and sams

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Free Fancy Fonts Updated 1.12

Fancy Font is made with Objective to give a Fancy Look to your Smart Phone. This App have various Fancy fonts with instant preview so you can take a l

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Face Detection Screen Lock Prank Updated

Face detection screen lock prank is a fun lock screen app. Face detection screen lock is highly customizable; it provides several cool hi-tech wallpap

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Emotion Fontstyle Updated 1.1

How to use this app? Please check < Settings,About phone > your android phones. If u have emotion ui version,u can use this app and can change font st

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Black Theme Launcher Updated

Download and enjoy Black Theme Launcher! Try our FREE Launcher theme: Black Theme Launcher! Our new theme for Android. Download the free Launcher them

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Best 2017 Launcher For Android Updated

With an amazing visual interface, the current app has been designed by talented artists aiming to redefine the way your device looks complete with wal

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3D Launcher New 2017 Version Updated

We have released our new HD launcher 2017 theme and we are very excited about it! If you want to improve the way your smartphone looks you should inst

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3D 2018 Theme For Android Updated

Amazing icons, beautiful graphics, wonderful theme! This 3D 2018 Theme For Android app is a 3D Launcher new 2017 version created by talented artists.

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