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Spite and Malice Updated 1.131

Spite and Malice is a card game. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spite_and_Malice This application does not include cheat codes. All the cards are random

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Piquet Updated 1.33

Piquet is a card game. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piquet This application does not include cheat codes. All the cards are randomly dealt. How to pla

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Scopa Updated 6.52

Challenge your friends now at Scopa the only one with SCOPONE SCIENTIFICO mode! Download the most complete Scopa game, the only one with MILLION of PL

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Spider Solitaire Updated 1.6.40

Classic Spider Solitaire (or simply Spider) is one of the most famous patience (solitaire) card games. The goal of the game is to place all the cards

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Klondike Solitaire Updated 1.6.34

Classic Klondike Solitaire (or simply Klondike) is one of the most famous patience (solitaire) card games. The goal of the game is to place all cards

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数多くのソリティア(トランプ一人遊び)が遊べるゲームです! Mocoゲームで出していたソリティアをこのアプリにまとめました。 人気のクロンダイク(PCではそのままソリティアとして有名)やスパイダーソリティア、フリーセルなどはもちろんオリジナルのソリティア(センテやダコタ)も多くあります。 出す(台座

2.01 MB

SolitaireV contains a lot of popular classic card games. There are a lot of games such as Solitaire, Klondike and FreeCell which you could play in Win

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Dr. Spider Updated 1.16

Spider is a type of Patience game. It is one of the more popular two-deck solitaire games. The main purpose of the game is to remove all cards from th

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★ 국민 고스톱 신봉선 맞고! 500만이 즐기는 국민 고스톱! 연예인 고스톱 1위 게임! 심심할땐 무료 고스톱 게임 신봉선 맞고와 함께! ★ 언제 어디서나 재미지게 즐기는 맞고 빵빵 터지는 센스만점 개그 드립 보이스, 깔끔하고 시원한 화투패! 빠른 진행과 망접속 없이

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Gahawy - Trix online Updated 1.2

Welcome to Gahawy, a friendly space to play card and board games like Trix (trex). Would you like casual single player or competitve tournaments? We h

76.11 MB

맞고 PLUS 개수만 많은 맞고게임들! 전부 똑같고 재미 없으셨죠? 이젠 모든 걸 내 취향에 맞추어 즐기는 맞고가 나왔습니다. 경상도 규칙? 전라도 규칙? 우리동네 규칙... 이제 이런 고민 하지 말고 규칙정도는 내가 정해요! 판돈! 언제까지 개발사에 맡길거에요? 판돈

16.98 MB

가볍게 즐길 수 있는 무료 고스톱 게임! 맞고 플레이를 즐겨보세요! → 쫀득쫀득한 손맛과 부드러운 진행! → 매주마다 열리는 획득금액 실시간 랭킹! → 레벨을 올릴 수록 높아지는 판돈과 쪼이는 맛! → 누구나 부담없이 즐길 수 있는 무료 맞고! 과연 이번주 영예의 우승

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Hearts Online Free Updated 98.1.32

Play the classic Hearts Online for Free. Install and play with no registration! Find fun and competitiveness in this app: • 5 modes to play online wit

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牛牛大贏家 Updated 1.0.10

牛牛又稱鬥牛牛,最早流行於湖廣壹帶,是壹款可同時供多人進行押分的棋牌遊戲。鬥牛牛滿足條件玩家可坐莊,閑家分別與莊家比較牌型大小決定勝負。 【遊戲規則】 1. 壹副撲克,除去大小王,共52張牌,每人發5張牌。 2. 10、J、Q、K都為10,其他按牌面數字計算。 3. 3張牌之和為10的整數倍,另外2

54.52 MB

A Randomizer for Legendary and Legendary: Encounters. Includes all the sets, and also allows crossover between Legendary and Encounters. Many options

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Schafkopf Updated 2.2.2

Schafkopf - spiele kostenlos und offline gegen starke Computergegner Spiele Schafkopf, das unterhaltsame bayrische Kartenspiel, wann und wo Du willst!

71.65 MB
Buraco Plus Updated 8.2

Buraco, one of the greatest card games, now on your phone! Amazing and addictive game, easy to learn and hard to master, now available in singleplayer

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Cyber Jass Schieber Updated 6.9.0

The Schieber Jass for mobile (or Chibre in French), funny, free and easy to handle, Multiplayer or Solo. The game implements the Schieber Jass, a typi

89.5 MB

Solitaire Pets Adventure is a free Klondike Solitaire saga game with a twist. Play cards in one of the best classic card games & become the next Solit

93.12 MB

Thirty-One, also known as Hosn Obe, Big Tonka, Nickel Nock, Blitz, Clinker, Klinker, Skat, Cad, Whammy, Skedaddle, Snip Snap Snoop, Schnautz or Schnit

62.2 MB