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액스(AxE) Updated 2.4.1

2017년 넥슨 초대형 모바일 MMORPG 액스(AxE)의 세계로 당신을 초대합니다! ▶ [액스:진격] 세 번째 대규모 업데이트 ■ 무한 정복 전쟁 '영원의 성소' 추가 ■ 요일던전 불지옥 난이도 추가 ■ 간편 파티 시스템 추가 ▶“Get Ready for the Ho

83.21 MB

The #1 ranked mobile JRPG from Japan – now available in English! A new Shin Megami Tensei game brought to you by SEGA! Take on the role of a Devil Dow

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The developers of Love Story Games: Teenage Drama and Shadowtime: Anime Love Story Games proudly present a brand new romantic visual novel! If you ar

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Grand Summoners Updated 2.2.1

Grand Summoners is a high quality pixel RPG featuring thrilling battles and intuitive controls! Join now and your first Summon is guaranteed to be a R

76.02 MB

The most popular hobby now in your pocket! Start catching fish species in Fishing Clash - free fishing simulator and new 3D game from Ten Square Games

59.24 MB

This hit RPG rocketed to the top of the Japanese charts, and now it's taking the world by storm! Download for FREE today and find out why! Join our co

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Join millions of fans of the fantastically popular anime –“Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”–in its first-ever fully-localized mobile

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Seven Knights Updated 5.0.10

WHAT’S NEW: Seven Knights Global has NEW updates every week! Please check the breakdown of the newest update by following the link below. http://www.m

47.3 MB

>> Trooper Eddie has arrived, bringing with him other characters inspired by the Crimean War!

96.74 MB

Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis introduces the unique and highly strategic deployment battle system. Arrange your armies to out-maneuver your opponents an

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Spellstone Updated 2.22.1

Spellstone is a fantasy card game with beautiful hand-drawn art and rich lore! Collect hundreds of striking cards to battle through a compelling story

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Dealers Only Squad Updated 2.8

★★★Dealers Only Squad★★★ New Harmony of a Strategic Play! ★Tutorial? It is one of the most E.A.S.I.E.S.T Game that needs no descriptions or tutorials.

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Shark World Updated 9.70

Welcome to Shark World where you can have different ocean shark species, build underwater home, and build your underwater shark world. Explore the mys

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검은사막 모바일 Updated 1.15.75

▶검은사막 모바일 GRAND OPEN◀ 당신이 진짜로 원했던 모험의 시작, 검은사막 모바일의 광활한 세계로 모험가 여러분을 초대합니다 런칭기념 이벤트 확인하기 ☞ https://goo.gl/Rgzpuf▶게임 소개◀ 월드클래스 MMORPG “검은사막 모바일” 150여개

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魔界ウォーズ Updated 01.13.01

リセマラ不要で始められるシンプル&カンタンお手軽シミュレーションRPG チュートリアル中に好きなキャラが当たるまで何度でも引き直しが出るチュートリアルガチャを開催中!! さらに今なら★3フレイヤさんもらえる! ■魔界ウォーズとは 2004年、日本一ソフトウェアから「次回作の主人公」として「アサギ」と

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메이플스토리M Updated 1.36.744

★ [신규 영웅 : 루미너스] 빛과 어둠의 경계에 선 마법사 루미너스의 절대적이고 강력한 힘을 경험하세요! ★ [1+2 버닝 이벤트] 1레벨 성장하면 2레벨 더 자동 성장하는 버닝 이벤트가 진행 됩니다. ★ [창고 버리기 기능] 아이템의 귀속 여부와 상관 없이 창고에

95.71 MB

■ 시작하려면 지금이 기회! 빠른 성장을 위한 스페셜 '출석 보상’ - 1일차 4성 공격형 확정권 + 4성 방어형 용병 르네 - 2일차 4성 방어형 용병 확정권 + 4성 공격형 용병 옥타비아 - 3일차 다이아 1000개 + 골드 100만■ 취향저격! 독보적인 캐릭터 ‘

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Idle Car Factory Updated 10.9

New languages: EN, DE, FR, ES, PL, TR, RU Face the challenge of running and managing a car factory. Decide who is going to be hired, which buildings t

34.89 MB

家庭用人気RPG「アトリエ」シリーズの スマートフォン向けオンラインRPGが登場! ■ようこそ王立アカデミーへ! あなたは一人の錬金術士■ 自分がつけた主人公の名前があなたのアトリエ名になる! たくさんの生徒が通う王立アカデミーで、 一人前の錬金術士を目指すべく、世界を冒険し、 人と出会い、自分の道

80.74 MB

【概要】 世界の狭間に存在する『三國ノ界(みくにのさかい)』。そこには「鬼」と呼ばれる存在がいた。 鬼が暴れれば、それは大きな災害となって人々の世界を襲う。 歴史上の数多の災害の陰には、「鬼」の大襲来があったと言い伝えられている。 そんな世界の狭間、三國ノ界で人知れず「鬼」と戦う勇敢な少女たちがいた

68.27 MB