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Learn English with the World’s Best Videos and Tutors. Tap install to get free access to over 10,000 videos designed to help you improve your English

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Available languages: + Korean + Japanese + Chinese + Spanish + French + German + Dutch + Italian + Russian + Portuguese + Hebrew + Arabic + Turkish +

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Blinkist distills the key insights of 2,000+ bestselling nonfiction books into powerful 15-minute reads or listens. Boost your knowledge and gain new

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India GK & Current Affair 2018 App is app for the improvement of Current affairs and General knowledge in Hindi. This app will improves your general k

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Learn English easily! Welcome to the Bright: a smart and simple application for learning English. Bright uses the best method of the interval repeatin

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italki Updated 3.4.3.google.play

italki connects over 2 million language learners and teachers worldwide for 1-on-1 lessons in any language, anytime, anywhere. With over 1000 teachers

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Learn Italian with free lessons daily. Let Mondly teach you the Italian language quickly and effectively. In just minutes you’ll start memorizing core

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Zumba Deluxe 2019 Updated 1.036

As an explorer in the Zumba Deluxe 2019 there, there is only one going to be blocked by the marbles and your mission is shooting to blast all them. Yo

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¿Quieres aprender inglés rápidamente? MosaLingua es el método que necesitas. Innovadora y eficaz, nuestra aplicación de curso de inglés ha ayudado a m

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Quipper (Unreleased) Updated 6.0.4

You can completely change the way you learn with just your smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re subscribed to Quipper Video or Quipper School, you can

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Learn Korean, Learn Japanese or Learn Chinese Mandarin languages fast with mini lessons. Learn Korean hangul, Japanese kanji or Chinese Pinyin alphabe

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Study smarter with the largest online library of course notes, flashcards, study guides, and homework help—available 24/7. Better grades guaranteed! F

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Dictionary Updated 14.16.1

Easily learn Chinese & English with Chinese English Dictionary & Translator app! Free download & no Internet connection required!The app enables you t

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يضم البرنامج حصن المسلم من الأذكار و الأدعية المقتبسة من السنة النبوية بكلام سيد الخلق عليه أفضل الصلاة و السلام. من أفضل التطبيقات في أجهزة الأندرويد

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ELSA is the ultimate English speaking practice app for English learners. ELSA, your English Language Speech Assistant, coaches you to speak English li

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Hey, get outdoors with your friends and enjoy star gazing! Let StarTracker guide you to explore the universe. Just hold up and point the device to the

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Need homework help? Post your question on Brainly and receive a clear answer from another student within minutes! Brainly is the world’s largest socia

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** New episodes of our popular Professionals Podcasts audio series are now available. Improve your business English for your career in the workplace.

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Chemistry Lab Updated 6.4

Become a chemistry ace by playing the app that turns real organic chemistry mechanisms into an outstandingly fun game. Play your way through actual re

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Learn German with 5 minutes of practice daily. Mondly is the quick fix that will teach you core German words and German phrases for conversation, just

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