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いろんなクイズゲームで都道府県をおぼえよう! 【18万人が学習した都道府県学習 & 都道府県制覇アプリ】 県名、都道府県の形や日本地図での場所はもちろん、県庁所在地や都道府県章、都道府県の花、木、鳥、最高峰(山)、所属する地方もおぼえられるよ。 小学校の社会、中学校の地理の授業の予習、復習にも便利!

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Java Pattern Programs Free: An app for the programming beginners. This app is full of pattern and other Java programs. In addition to this, there is a

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EisCepte Updated 1.3.65

Soru Bankalarında yer alan 250.000 sorunun çözümü artık cebinizde. - Uzman öğretmen kadrosu tarafından çekilen videolar! - Her soru için ayrı çözüm! -

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Classting Updated 4.5.1

Classting is a free, safe, social media platform for the classroom. Connect with your students, classmates and parents in a safe and fun space! [Class

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ECZ Past Papers Updated 1.0.7

Access hundreds of past exam papers from your mobile phone or tablet for your revision and studying. *This app requires an internet connection to load

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الرسم أحد أكثر الأنشطة تنمية للنصف الأيمن من الدماغ وهو الجزء المسؤول عن الخيال، الإبداع، و الابتكار. مع تطور تكنولوجيا التصوير ظهر ما يسمى بالتصوير ث

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Do you want to start singing? Do you have little or no singing experience? Then this app is meant for you! - Simple and intuitive interface. - Interac

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Testbook.com - Daily Current Affairs GK Quiz is the most used & top rated Current Affairs app. India's favourite way to learn Current Affairs for Bank

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C++ Pattern Programs Free: An app for the programming beginners. This app is full of pattern and other C++ programs. In addition to this, there is a l

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Қазақша миллионер ойыны Кезінде "Миллион кімге бұйырады?" деген бағдарламаны қызыға көруші едік. Ал қазір соны ұялы телефонымызда ойнауға болады. Бұл

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italki Updated 2.7.5

italki connects over 2 million language learners and teachers worldwide for 1-on-1 lessons in any language, anytime, anywhere. With over 1000 teachers

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Today, learning English is very popular and big common question is that “How to speak English fluently” or “how to learn English speaking effectively”

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Have you ever wished to have a pronunciation program that teaches you how to pronounce English properly and also checks your pronunciation to make sur

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BCA - Course Programming Updated 5.9.9

We focus on providing whole computer programming/coding information which you'll be studying in BCA all at one place. In this app you'll study followi

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Integrated Islamic education in Russian language from scratch without leaving home - for FREE! Watch the video lessons, take the online exams, advance

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✭ No need to pay teachers: Parla is an AI-powered teacher which will replace a human tutor. ✭ No need to attend English courses, similar for everyone:

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An educational app that is both fun and promotes learning to young children. Kids can touch, hear, and experience counting, learning ABC, shapes, size

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Learn Korean, Learn Japanese or Learn Chinese Mandarin languages fast with mini lessons. Learn Korean hangul, Japanese kanji or Chinese Pinyin alphabe

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EduPage Updated 1.4.26

EduPage - application for teachers, students and parents Premium interactive tests for everyone! Even if your school is not using any of the bellow fe

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Lingokids is an English learning app for kids ages 2 to 8. The best way for kids to learn a new language at this age is through fun games and exercise

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