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URL Reader Updated 3.0.33

An app to manage and use URLs. Opens clicked URLs. Sync a favorites share locally and integrate with Chrome so new bookmarks are stored across your ne

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3D Snake.io 2019 Updated 30.5

3D Snake.io 2019 brings you the latest slithering game where the goal is to become the biggest of all the creatures. Carefully hunt down smaller creat

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Smartplus Updated 2.0.89

Den digitala inventerings appen. - Snabbare och roligare inventering - Flera användare kan inventera samtidigt - Sammanställning automatiskt - Off-Lin

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Rackspace Mobile Updated 3.10.1

Now you can know exactly what’s going on with your cloud infrastructure wherever you are, whenever you want – don’t feel tied to your desk to keep tab

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Momi Camera Updated 5.5.3

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MijnKPN Updated 4.4.3

Altijd en overal eenvoudig gebruik maken van de producten van KPN? Dat kan met de handige MijnKPN app.Wat kan je nu met de MijnKPN app? • Bekijken van

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Hyundai好行 Updated 4.3.1

2018 HYUNDAI全新APP HYUNDAI Taiwan 為車主推出量身打造的APP, 讓您一手掌握愛車所有資訊 主要功能分為「車主貼心服務」、「品牌資訊」、「行車服務」 車主貼心服務 *預約保養:即時線上預約服務,省去冗長聯絡過程 *定保履歷:即時查詢保養履歷與下次預計保養時間 *推播通知

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FireBoard® Updated 3.2.8

FireBoard® is a Cloud Connected Smart Thermometer, designed for remote monitoring in both hot and cold environments. Easy to setup and install on your

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Crazy Pizza Updated 1.0.3

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Modern Critical Strike Updated 20.03

Modern Critical Strike is a 3D shooting extravaganza where you have to be the top agent and complete the missions. Play with friends or other players,

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Click Story Saver Updated 2.0.0

Click Story Saver

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3D Snake . io Updated 40.8

Play against real people from around the world! Can you become the longest slither snake? The larger snakes move slowly and are more difficult to turn

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Protect against viruses, fake apps, frauds, & other types of malware with One Security! Keep your personal data safe with Junk file scan, App permissi

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Nokia mobile support Updated 2.8.8

Get support for your Nokia Android phone with this easy-to-use app – preloaded on your Nokia Android smartphone. With this app, you can: - Find quick

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Maths Equations Updated 1.4.6

DESCRIPTION =========== Do you want to learn to solve systems of equations? Do you want to know the full development step by step? "Matemáticas Ecuaci

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IRPF Updated 7.0.4

Aplicativo da Receita Federal do Brasil destinado aos declarantes do Imposto de Renda Pessoa Física. Nessa versão do APP IRPF estão disponíveis os seg

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MC-Stamps Updated 8.2

MC-Stamps allows you to manage your collection of stamps. - More than 128 000 stamps in the catalogs. (in French) - Download and consult catalogs of s

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GearHub Updated

Tired of old UI and permanent notification? Please, take a look on BETA program https://sites.google.com/view/gearsoftware/beta GearHub is one applica

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Files Go is a new storage manager that helps you free up space on your phone, find files faster, and share them easily offline with others.FREE UP MOR

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With EJuice Master DIY vaping is easier. Just press the + button to create new recipes, get suggestions about flavours combinations, steeping times an

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