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Arrow 2 is very staregic,exciting,amazing aa game. This game screen is simple, a rotation ball in the center, some radiant balls (like needles) surrou

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Ocean water awaits big whales! Travel with wild whales across the fish realm. Dive into exotic water world of ocean - fish and animals will know the b

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Wort Kreuz Updated 1.0.80

Sie haben genug von altmodischen Wortsuchoberflächen? Sie wollen Wörterrätselspiele komplett neu erleben? ★★★ Jetzt können Sie Wort Kreuz herunterlade

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Single Line Connector Updated 1.4

Single Line Connector is one-line puzzle game where you are tasked to сonnect all blocks with just one line! The game will increase your spatial notio

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Okey Elit Updated 1.6.11

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Jewels Adventure Updated 1.6.0

A dazzling & fantastic jewel triple match puzzle game! Go on a mystical adventure with cute, little Wendy. ■ Match a variety of colorful jewels. Earn

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Jewels & Genies is filled with thousands of fun and challenging jewel puzzles! Match gems and crush jewels to clear levels and complete Aladdin quest!

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Hearts Online Free Updated 98.1.32

Play the classic Hearts Online for Free. Install and play with no registration! Find fun and competitiveness in this app: • 5 modes to play online wit

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It's a Pumpkin Party in our new Halloween Hidden Object game! Search for hidden objects among the spooky yet beautiful scenes. Unlock stunning scenes,

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Bricks Breaker Mission Updated 1.0.54

Break all the bricks to clear the stages. Enjoy the unlimited gameplay with tons of modes and stages. It is for free and downloads it now! [How to pla

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Codenames Gadget Updated 2.0.22

Official SUPPORT APP for the Codenames board game, usable only with a physical copy of Codenames and/or Codenames: Pictures. The app provides a random

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牛牛大贏家 Updated 1.0.10

牛牛又稱鬥牛牛,最早流行於湖廣壹帶,是壹款可同時供多人進行押分的棋牌遊戲。鬥牛牛滿足條件玩家可坐莊,閑家分別與莊家比較牌型大小決定勝負。 【遊戲規則】 1. 壹副撲克,除去大小王,共52張牌,每人發5張牌。 2. 10、J、Q、K都為10,其他按牌面數字計算。 3. 3張牌之和為10的整數倍,另外2

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魔界ウォーズ Updated 01.31.00

リセマラ不要で始められるシンプル&カンタンお手軽シミュレーションRPG チュートリアル中に好きなキャラが当たるまで何度でも引き直しが出るチュートリアルガチャを開催中!! さらに今なら★3フレイヤさんもらえる! ■魔界ウォーズとは 2004年、日本一ソフトウェアから「次回作の主人公」として「アサギ」と

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A Randomizer for Legendary and Legendary: Encounters. Includes all the sets, and also allows crossover between Legendary and Encounters. Many options

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Clown Juggle Mania Updated 1.7.7

Clown Juggle Mania is a juggling game where you perform different juggling patterns to complete challenges. Each throw is a tap of a button. Start off

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Secret Dungeon Updated 1.3

Secret Dungeon is a unique RPG dungeon crawler with so many levels, that you would think it is endless. In fact, it has 999 levels that you need to re

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Stickman Soccer Updated 4.0

Experience pure soccer fun with fast paced gameplay, an astonishing atmosphere, stunning smooth animations, simple controls, insane action and tons of

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Stickman Downhill Updated 4.9

Experience ultra realistic and fast paced action packed downhill biking in stunning environments. Choose from more than 15 different bikes, including

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Planet Defense: The Last Bastion is an addictive shooter, which embraces its simplicity and takes the genre in a pleasing new direction. Take command

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If you like strategy and sea battles then this game is what you should definitely give a try. You are given a command of the country’s navy and as a c

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