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Dr. Spider Updated 1.16

Spider is a type of Patience game. It is one of the more popular two-deck solitaire games. The main purpose of the game is to remove all cards from th

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Counting money Updated 2.0

Counting money - i think it is not strange to us daily, but do you often count cash? How much do you it as your counted maximum value one time? And wh

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Crazy Ball Breaker Updated 2.0.1

Jogo 2D gratuito e sem anúncio, estilo bolinha versus blocos com poderes especiais coletados durante o jogo. Sou um desenvolvedor independente, fiz to

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Can you fix the cable break and bring the lamp light up again? Try turning the pieces of cable to make a continuous connection from the buzzer to the

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Break the Brick Updated 1.0

“Break the Brick” is a game that you can break lots of bricks. Just try to break unlimited bricks and get fun! We provide plenty weapons for you to br

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Appeared Updated 3.0.0

Pull the ball with your fingers and shoot it and hit these weird creatures! It's so exciting if you get many combos! ■ Story This world is filled with

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巷で流行しているユーチューバー、放置で楽しめるゲームになって登場しました。空き時間に、新感覚の育成ゲームを是非一度お試しください。 撮影、編集、動画が出来たらユーチューブにアップロード。チャンネル登録者数を増やしていきましょう。 興味はあるけど実際にやるのはちょっと・・・という方や、ユーチューバーが

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아이러브버거 Updated 1.2.2

혹시 야식이 땡기시나요? 안드셔도 배부르게해드립니다. 보는것만으로도 오감만족 하실거에요!더도 말고 딱 10분만! 운영자가 열심히 퍼줍니다!! 믿고 받으세요! ■■■■■게임 특징■■■■■▷누구나 좋아하는 버거버거 햄버거 - 여러분의 햄버거 매장을 최고의 프랜차이즈로 만들

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"Write Number: Tracing 123" is based on the concept of Learning with Fun. Trace the number with your favorite chalk and make your kids learn how to wr

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Stickman Roof Runner Updated 1.8

Run adrenalin charged for your life over deadly roof tops, avoid urban canyons, perfectly time your jumps and try to get as far as possible. Beat your

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Puzzles for toddlers: puzzle games for boys (Small pack) helps children develop motor skills - coordination and precision. For 2 years puzzle for chil

26.57 MB

Features - Simple controls. - Merge 2 heroes to find a powerful hero. - Over 88 hidden Heroes and Giant Warriors.

29.34 MB

Connect 5 pieces in a line before your opponent. The popular game is now in your hands every time you can spare a moment for a challenge or a bit of r

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Challenge your puzzle skills in this free collapse game! Join millions of players who enjoyed the classic version of this exciting puzzle game. Crush

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Just Ant & Bug Smasher!! This is the best insect smashing game for all ages, kids boys and girls. tapping insects can be an addicting experience. Rela

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Learning the alphabet is the essential step in a child's mastery of any language. Our alphabet games help young children to practice recognizing and u

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세상에 없던 갓RPG 시작하라! ▶로드오브다이스 for kakao ◀ 업데이트와 함께 진행되는 다양한 이벤트 소식은 공식카페에서 확인해 주세요~!! ■ 공식카페 : http://cafe.naver.com/lordofdiceforkakao  ================

35.13 MB

★ 국민 고스톱 신봉선 맞고! 500만이 즐기는 국민 고스톱! 연예인 고스톱 1위 게임! 심심할땐 무료 고스톱 게임 신봉선 맞고와 함께! ★ 언제 어디서나 재미지게 즐기는 맞고 빵빵 터지는 센스만점 개그 드립 보이스, 깔끔하고 시원한 화투패! 빠른 진행과 망접속 없이

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Modern War by GREE Updated 7.2.0

Build a global military empire and destroy your enemies in Modern War by GREE! World Domination is now within your grasp! Join a faction and join the

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Keep Bounce Updated 2.6501

Endless balls! Endless blocks! Endless challenges! Unlimited blocks are waiting for you to break! Slide your finger to launch the ball from the top. A

47.04 MB