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Laserbreak Pro is the fully unlocked version of Laserbreak featuring all 90 fantastic levels.Laserbreak is a highly Addictive, Challenging and Serious

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Bellboy 1.1.3

In this action puzzle game you play Jack, a young bellboy working at a classic art deco hotel. He has some long overdue holidays coming up, and he sim

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2Vars 1.0.3

A fun-tastic math riddle game!2Vars (two variables) is the world's greatest brain sharpener tool ever.Beat the clock in this thrilling original quiz a

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Violett 1.23

One of the biggest and greatest adventure game in the Google Play. Embark yourself on the wondrous journey throughout the amazing world inside the rab

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A provincial Russian town has been shaken in disbelief: their prized, rare, striped elephant, Baldakhin, disappeared from the zoo in the dead of night

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The Plateau 1.2.0

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Miika 1.6

Miika is a beautiful 3D puzzle game based on camera perspectives combined with the use of optical illusions. Miika challenges players with mind twisti

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Action adventure puzzle game with unique atmosphere and story! Visit and 'Like' "Soulless night" on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/soullessNight"

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Oh!Cube 1.4

★★★ New innovative brain game. It makes you smarter, trains your logical reasoning and imagination. More addictive than Sudoku! ★★★Oh! Cube supports t

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MagnaRobo 1.1

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Botanicula 1.0.11

*** discounted for a limited time! ***Botanicula is a humor-filled adventure game created by the makers of award-winning Machinarium, studio Amanita D

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Monkey City 1.11.4

Create, upgrade, and customize your very own Bloons Monkey City in this groundbreaking blend of city building and tower defense awesomeness!UNIQUE SIM

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dandelions 1.0.0b

The new Zen puzzle experience! Dandelions won Best Indie Game - 'Critic's Choice Award' at Casual Connect Europe 2014Dandelions: Chain of Seeds is an

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OceanTower 1.4.0

You are the manager of the Ocean Tower, a gigantic skyscraper in the middle of the ocean.Make it a great place to live in.• Compete in the race for th

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Dismount 2.9.1

Stair Dismount™ is a 3D ragdoll simulation game featuring the indestructible Mr. Dismount & friends.Push Mr. Dismount down the stairs for maximum dama

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Hitman GO 1.10.21730

Get your daily fix of Agent 47 with this elegant, strategy-based Hitman game! 5/5 Slide to Play: "…this is one to check out." 4/5 Joystiq: "Hitman GO

9.51 MB
Brainsquare 1.8.0

*** DISCLAIMER ****The game is hard, really!! If you don't like hard games, you've been warned. Even after catching the mechanics it will be a hard

21.96 MB

Take a beautiful journey into dreams!Meet drowsy Moonboy. Blown out of bed by a big lunar sneeze, he sleepwalks through dreams. Moonboy needs your hel

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Anmynor Puzzles is set in a world of magic and adventure. It is your task to guide the accident prone golems through 100 beautifully detailed levels.

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Escape Game "Insecurity for Pair" The champion of this myth got a distressed phone convoke from her fiancée, so she instantly went for hellos save.

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