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full!screen+ 1.8.1

Full screen for tablets! Automatically hide the systembar depending on currently active app. Use your tablet in fullscreen-mode without losing system

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Hover Browser

What is Hover Browser? Hover Browser is an attempt to free you from your single application sandbox. By allowing you to open multiple weblinks within

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The device frame generator allows you to quickly wrap your app screenshots in real device artwork. This provides better visual context for your app sc

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Android doesn't recycle the memory(RAM) when you close the app, it will wastes those memory. So your phone will more and more slow. Memory Cleaner

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Zaijiadd 2.10.1

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Soek 2.1.6

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沙发院线 2.1.026

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Waves 0.0.4

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菠萝觅 3.9.10

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MoarRed 1.3

I proudly present the only official theme inspired by the news site www.moargeek.comThis theme is fully compatible up through 5.1.1 This theme include

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萌娘百科 α

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Free yourself from your studio with Painter Mobile for Android. Experience this incredible new art app on your Android device. Sketch and paint on the

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* Paid and Free version is integrated.Please don't purchase this version. Instead, upgrade to Premium in Free version.Paid version users update to the

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苏宁阅读 4.5.3

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走音 1.3.1

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菊花文 1.0

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