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YiBo 2.3.0

YiBo for Android , obtain the authorization from sina completely, let you enjoy all functions for sina twitter, plus-into its unique feature. Meanwhil

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This app gives you a dedicated space for you and your groups.See all of your Facebook Groups in one place. Discuss, plan and collaborate easily and wi

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新浪博客 1.2.1

新浪博客是最主流、最具人气的博客频道。新浪博客Android版是为Android用户精心打造的博客客户端。 通过它,你可以快速发布博文、发照片;随时关注好友动态;浏览多个博客频道;查看博文和博主排行。主要功能: 1.支持新浪博客账号、新浪通行证以及新浪微博帐号登录; 2.随时关注好友动态;

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beeter 0.87.3

Thank you for your interest in beeter :) Try using the beeter for twitter? It's that simple!The application is still for developing, there is a possib

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Wondering where the Yellow Running Man had gone? He just got back from a long vacation! We've been listening to your feedback and we've rethought our

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片刻 5.2.1

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Loopt 4.5.2

Loopt gives you the inside scoop everywhere you go — see what locals think, find your friends, and get deals! *NEW* Loopt u-Deals: The first progra

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Ready 2.1.0

"Ready Contact List Leaves Beta To Pretty Up The Phone Part Of Your Phone" - AndroidPolice"A brand new contacts app for Android holds promise and Mate

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无秘 5.4.2


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Yawn 0.1.27.r

Boredom is a primary reason for most of our phone unlocks; why not give yourself a reason to unlock?Yawn lets you "yawn" your friends that your are ju

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Robird 1.3.6

Twitter client Robird has a gorgeous look with an intuitive interface that makes it super easy to use while packing in tons of features.Key features:*

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V2EX+ 1.24.15

简单易用的界面、令人惊叹的功能和深入核心的优化,另其成为有史以来极其重大的 V2EX 客户端(误。V2EX+ 之所以与众不同,Material Design 功不可没。在你开启应用的瞬间,你就会感觉一见如故。事实上,这样感觉并非偶然,而是源自于这种设计。不但看起来令人赏心悦目,更为让你用起来能得心应

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「念」以游戏化的方式连接全世界的目标、进展与壮举。「简介」无论是绘画、健身、日记或学习新的语言,你都能够通过念来记录你每天所要努力的事。在困难模式下,当你开启第一步进展后,假如有一天忘记更新,你的账号就会被「冻结」!600,000 人受虐并享受其中的应用,是时候加入,创建你的理想清单啦。「特色」1

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PHHHOTO® shoots moving pictures that loop forever.• Instant animated camera brings everything to life• Quicker than video, better than stills• Like, c

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MSQRD 1.8.3

Record video selfie animations, change the way you look and send it to friends via your favorite messengers and social networks.

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卓小饭 1.1.0


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Shady has absolutely no icon, and no open button, so how do you open the app? Shady uses telephone dialing code technology to open, the default dialin

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Friendcaster Pro, the ads free version of Friendcaster, offers a beautiful interface, lots of unique features and push notifications.including…
 ★ Fu

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FC2 Blog 2.4.5

Update your Blog on the Go! Edit Pictures and Create your own Photo Blog or Diary!With FC2 Blog you can quickly and easily take a photo, edit it how y

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