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*Note : This application works on Edge Screen of Galaxy S6 Edge & S6 Edge Plus MM Android OS; S7 Edge, Note 7, S8 and S8+ A quick way to call, send sm

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★ ★ ★ BEST MESSAGE APP ★ ★ ★ Messages for all situations! Surprise someone today! If you need to send a message to someone special but lack inspiratio

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* Installation Instructions Below * --- Application Name --- GO Keyboard Pro Pink Theme --- Description --- Our first GO Keyboard Theme! (Please make

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This particular ghost box was the first radio that was accessible to the masses as a usable sweeping ghost box. Before this Hacked radio came on the s

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Мобильный клиент сервиса ktozvonit.com.ua. Сервис предназначен для поиска информации о владельцах мобильных номеров телефонов, телефонов стационарной

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Demonis theme for exDialer This skin is for the program exDialer! Important! Before installing the theme you should have installed exDialer app.+ * AT

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Quickly add credit to your google voice account on the go! Also: Change your forwarding settings for all your phones. Access your google wallet to vie

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This app will unlock the free version. Please keep the free version installed! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jamworks.quickreplyUN

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Server Status is an app that gets information from Minecraft servers. With only a user-supplied server address (no mods or plugins!), this app can ret

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Do you want to fake a call with your phone without actually being called? Use Fake Me A Call and you are good to go in no time! You will be able to fa

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Galaxy Browser Pro is based on stock Browser on Android GingerBread. It also has many handy features. Check it out. ★ Support sidebar. Keep as simple

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SMS Legal PRO é a versão COMPLETA do SMS legal FREE. Opção de compartilhamento com FACEBOOK. Está sem criatividade e tempo? Então esse aplicativo é id

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- please test free version of this app BEFORE you borrow this one! - please delete free version of NumBuster! BEFORE you install this one!Paid version

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This is paid Mobile SFTP app which is based on OpenSSH as its backend library. Inspired by opensource community and in the hope of extending usage of

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Are you an avid Whatsapp user? If you love the messaging platform and you have multiple accounts or simply want to have Double Whatsapp options, try t

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This application contains an UPnP and HTTP server, and an UPnP client. The server runs in the background as a long running service, and you can use an

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Balance widget through USSD requests with possibility of parsing. There is a support of Dual SIM smartphones. Imperceptible USSD requests on smartphon

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Dual Account for whatsapp options, try this app. It gives tons of multiple options, no matter what are your needs related to the Facebook owned platfo

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Are you harassed with unwanted calls and advertising calls on your phone? You are on right place. Stop this harassment using best android app for call

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A very lightweight application which will silently record all the calls to auto_call_recorder directory on your SD card. Note that the application doe

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