SUMI SUMI : Matching Puzzle 2.7.4 [free]


◆ Popular characters from San-X has transformed into "Sumisumi" ◆
Cute characters such as Rilakkuma ,Sumikko Gurashi, Tarepanda, etc.
are gathered together as a lovely puzzle game!
It's easy to play, very exciting, perfect for refreshing!
【Recommended points of this game】
・ It's free to play!
・ Just tap! Super easy to play!
・ Cute map screens full of sweets!
・ Many characters from the past!
・ Exciting skill animation for each character!
・ Enjoy collecting "Sumisumi" using the Gacha!
▼ "Sumisumi" appearance:
(Title of work: Rilakkuma)
・ Rilakkuma
・ Korilakkuma
・ Kiiroitori
(Title of work: Sumikkogurashi)
・ Neko
・ Penguin?
・ Shirokuma
・ Tonkatsu
・ Tokage
・ Ebifurai no Shippo
(Work name: Sentimental circus)
・ Shappo
(Title of work: Kutusita Nyanko)
・ Kutusita Nyanko
(Title name: Tarepanda)
・ Tarepanda
(Title of work: Corocorocoronya)
・ Coronya
(Title of work: Jinbesan)
・ Jinbesan
(Title of work: Mofutanzu)
・ Mofutan
(Title of work: Shirasutai)
・ Normal shirasu
(Title of work: Afro ken)
・ Afro ken
(Title of work: Kamonohashikamo.)
・ Kamonohashikamo.
(Title of work: Iiwaken)
・ Iiwaken
(Title of work: Kireizukinseikatsu)
・ Kireizukin
(Title of work: Mamegoma)
・ Shirogoma
(Title of work: Tsuginohikerori)
・ Kerori
New characters will also appear one after another!
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© Imagineer Co., Ltd.

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