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SAO Quiz is a quiz about Sword Art Online, an anime where Kirito enters in a virtual reality MMORPG and can't exit from it, just if completing the game.
This quiz is a tribute to Sword Art Online.
* The quiz has about 50 questions
[QUESTION 1]: What is the Kirito's real name?
[QUESTION 2]: What is the episode that Asuna appears for the first time?
[QUESTION 3]: Who gave the last attack to the first boss?
[QUESTION 4]: Who is the character below?
[QUESTION 5]: When does the Sword Art Online is released?
[QUESTION 6]: How many floors does the Sword Art Online have?
[QUESTION 7]: Who is the character below?
[QUESTION 8]: What is the name of the steel castle with 100 floors where the Sword Art Online happen?
[QUESTION 9]: What is the name of the guild that Kirito is in below?
[QUESTION 10]: What is the item name that Kirito got after giving the last blow to the first boss?
[QUESTION 11]: What is the name of the game that appears after the end of Sword Art Online?
[QUESTION 12]: Who is the character below?
[QUESTION 13]: What do you have to say to enter in a virtual reality MMORPG world?
[QUESTION 14]: What is the sucessor of the NerveGear?
[QUESTION 15]: Who is the character below?
[QUESTION 16]: Who is the Kirito's girlfriend?
[QUESTION 17]: Who is the creator of the Sword Art Online in the anime?
[QUESTION 18]: Who is the character below?
[QUESTION 19]: After beating a boss called Nicolas the Renegade, Kirito gets an item that revives an ally, but he gives that to a friend. Who is the friend?
[QUESTION 20]: What does Kirito use to go to the Asuna's hospital?
[QUESTION 21]: What are the colors of the Kirito's dual sword?
[QUESTION 22]: What does Kirito offers to the character below when he is dying?
[QUESTION 23]: What is the last boss of the Sword Art Online?
[QUESTION 24]: What happens on that scene before Kirito dying?
[QUESTION 25]: What does Sword Art Online not have?
[QUESTION 26]: Who is the character below?
[QUESTION 27]: What is the color of Klein's hair?
[QUESTION 28]: Who/what is "Pina"?
[QUESTION 29]: Who kills the boss below?
[QUESTION 30]: On which floor is that boss?
[QUESTION 31]: What is the Kirito race in ALO?
[QUESTION 32]: Which sword does Kirito use to hurt Sugou (Oberon) at the maximum level of pain in ALO?
[QUESTION 33]: What is this below?
[QUESTION 34]: When does the boss below appear?
[QUESTION 35]: "Ragout's meat" is an item collected from a
[QUESTION 36]: What is the cooking level of Asuna?
[QUESTION 37]: Which item the creator of SAO gives to everyone at the beggining of the game?
[QUESTION 38]: Who is the character below?
[QUESTION 39]: How does Kirito is called after beating the first boss?
[QUESTION 40]: What are her last words?
[QUESTION 41]: What is the first guild Kirito entered?
[QUESTION 42]: Whose sword is below?
[QUESTION 43]: What does Asuna pay to Kirito after he watches over her sleeping in the grass?
[QUESTION 44]: What is the sword below?
[QUESTION 45]: What is the race of the character that Kirito is fighting against?
[QUESTION 46]: Who tells Kirito where is Asuna after the end of S.A.O?
[QUESTION 47]: Which item the creator of SAO gives to Kirito after he saving Asuna from ALO?
[QUESTION 48]: Because of who mainly Kirito goes to GGO?
[QUESTION 49]: What does mean GGO?
[QUESTION 50]: Deathgun was a player from
If you have any suggestion for question, contact us at [email protected]
(c) Shadow Priest 2017

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