Glory of Kings: Empire Origins 2.5.1 [free]


"Glory of Kings" heavy struck! GOK is a balanced strategy game that everyone can get the throne!
Battle kingdoms, real-time war, fight enemies with your allies, build your castle and plunder resources with strategy in the epic multiplayer online strategy game.
Large strategy game , Glory of Kings will open a new chapter, the new way you can not imagine. GOK will bring hitherto unknown experience and stimulation to players.
In Glory of Kings, you are going to be a king to resist the invasion of other players, protect own kingdoms and resources and cooperate to the enemies with your allies.
During playing the game, you can collect resources, build all kinds of buildings, establish troops, recruit heroes and take part in an alliance until you become the
overlord of one region and finally become the great king of whom thousands of players are in favor. However, it is just a simple start, more new and interesting elements
are waiting for you to participate.
I trust you have known some about it, and you will fall in love with it, please join our game and enjoy fights in great deal.
Fair Competition, Balanced Development
I. Optimize the formations of armies, reduce the difficulty of weapon collocation.
II. Adjust the strategy to create an irresistible strong formation!
III. Significantly reduce the pay advantage, enhance the importance of time accumulation.
IV. The monthly card and subscription revenue is larger in GOK, reduce the value of packaging.
V. The development speed of spend time players is same as spend money players.
VI. All of players can develop in balance, GOK balance the gap between paying players and nonpaying players.
Novice Gift
I. New castle can be shield for free three days.
II. Through update the castle, you do not need to wait long time of training to get more power.
III. Archons could shield castle when you gather on the world map. And you can also plunder the uncollected resources in others’ castle.
IV. A mount of freely moment speedups and resources help you grow up as soon as possible.
V. When you update your level, the system will guide you to add combat and development skills point to strengthen your power.
Traditional System
I. Special Hero recruit system, just in your heart.
II. Various hero skills you can chance, make a unique hero in your castle.
Growth Fighting
I. Attack your enemy's castle, plunder their resources, get the throne and to be the king!
II. Open the personal talent system, obtain your special skills.
III. Each player has the chance to scramble for the throne.
Expansive World Map
I.Get into the expansive world map, excavate mineral, collect resources, discover the treasure.
II.Search monsters on the world map, and beat them to get EXP items and resources and so on.
III. Research techniques for further development and battles, etc.
Global Auto-translation System
I.Real-time communication with global players, real time translation and interaction, and Uninterrupted communication with players in various countries.
II.Real time MMO battle action against thousands of players worldwide.
III.Create a global alliance and ascend the highest throne.
Download Glory of Kings and join players from around the world!
Are you have any problems? Contact with Glory of Kings:
Gmail: [email protected]

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