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Children Puzzle for Kids Pets (Animal Puzzle) - This is a free puzzle game for kids.
Children Puzzle for Kids Pets (Animal Puzzle) - A simple game for children aged 2 years, 3 years old
Children Puzzle for Kids Pets (Animal Puzzle) - helps toddlers develop motor skills - coordination and precision.
For 2 years Puzzle for children, parcel of animals - fish, snail, dolphin and other aquatic animals:
- This is a free puzzle game for kids.
- The game is simple for children aged 2 years, 3 years
- Simple interface, kid friendly.
- Free version of children's games Puzzle for children Small contains 30 pictures of very good quality.
- Puzzle Game for kids helps toddlers develop motor skills - coordination and precision.
- Simple, clear shapes puzzle beneficial effect on the development and perception of the child and the development of visual memory.
- Free puzzle game for preschool children is based on matching puzzle pieces forming familiar objects from the environment, develops:
- The ability to think logically,
- Perceptiveness
- visual memory,
- The ability to know and understand the environment.
- In the background you can hear a nice melody played on the piano. Classical conducive to the development of the mind. The choice is classical music and another fun
soundtrack (water theme).
Our jigsaw puzzles contain a set of images selected for the 2 year olds and 3. The theme of this part is the water creature - the fish. Snail, dolphin and others.
The great advantage of our puzzle for the youngest children is the album option, where you can choose which picture to put together. For the first pose, there are only
shadows in the album for the pose. When a child wants to lay down a snail or dolphin, for example, he has to look at only a few pages of the album.
Mechanics Games for children Puzzles for children (Animal Puzzle):
- our 2 and 3 year olds have 5 pieces to stack the picture
- There is also an option where the child has to lay a picture with 10 pieces available (invalid items are selected by the game at random)
- they see a shadow that must cover the puzzles
- when all the puzzles are matched to the shade, the whole picture appears
- children are rewarded with applause
- simple interface, the child will be able to control the game without difficulty
There are arrows at the top of the screen to allow the child to change pictures at any time - right arrow - next image, left arrow - previous image, three arrows -
randomly generated image
- Colorful graphics, a variety of pictures
- Album - A child can see which puzzle has stacked and which does not.
- Reset - the child can reset the album
Game besides undoubted educational and cognitive values ​​provide the child a lot of fun. This is undoubtedly the best entertainment for traveling with a baby or in the
queue to see a doctor.
Our puzzles are suitable for children aged 2 years old and 3 years old. Little ones will love being able to compose a simple puzzle consisting of colored images. Each
image is divided into five parts, which adapts to the shadows.
Puzzle game for kids has educational value for children of two years and three years. How to prepare the game supports the development of perception (recognition of
shapes), hand eye coordination and helps to develop logical thinking. The game is ideal for children younger than 4 year olds and 5 year olds.
Our application:
• Does not include any in-app purchases
• does not collect any personal data
• Has a small amount of ads compared to other games, this is our way to fund free app access.

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