Financial Calculators 2.8.1 [paid]


For phone and tablet, this application includes the following financial calculators.

* TVM Calculator
* Currency Converter
* Loan, Loan Comparison and Refinance Calculator
* Compound Interest Calculator
* Retirement/401k Calculator
* Credit Card Pay Off Calculator
* Tip Calculator
* Regular Calculator
* Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Calculator
* Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator
* Auto Loan and Lease Calculator
* Credit Card Minimum Payment
* Discount and Tax Calculator
* IRR NPV Calculator
    * Percentage Calculator
    * Bond Calculator
    * Stock Calculators: Stock Return Calculator, Constant Growth Stock; Non-constant Growth Stock; Capital Asset Pricing Model; Expected Return, Black-Scholes Option Calculator
* Commercial Loan Calculator
    * Miscellaneous Calculations: Unit Converter, Date Calculation, Loan Analysis, Rule of 78 Loan Calculator, Commercial Loan Calculator, Rule of 72 Calculator, Tax Equivalent Yield Calculator, US Inflation Calculator, Financial Ratios
The app allows you to edit and prioritize the list of calculators for easy access.

Only Currency Converter needs internet access to retrieve the latest currency exchange rate. All other calculators don't need the Internet access.

This is pro edition of the popular Financial Calculators app. This app has no Ads.

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  • App Name: Financial Calculators
  • Category: Finance
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  • Version: 2.8.1
  • Requirement: 4.1 or higher
  • File Size : 2.74 MB
  • Updated: 2017-09-11