Free 3D Real Formula Racing 1.4.7 [free]


free 3D real formula racing is a very addictive and fast speed racing game.
in this game you will become a formula racer in a formula racing car.
free 3D real formula racing is a realistic formula game. You can change your camera angles
and you can see yourself in a formula car and you can see a steering wheel
while moving in the road.
you can see steering wheel moving left to right.
easily accelerate your formula car with accelerate button.
easily reach high speed.
pole position traffic with formula cars.
drive your own formula car in this race game. become a driver with this formula simulation game.
* Astonishing real formula race graphics.
* you can see rival racers' name during game.
* Simply move your phone left and right and try to stay in the course with your f1 car.
* Wrong way detection system.Because suddenly you can be in a traffic with formula cars.
* This is totally free and 3D formula race game.
* You can be a real formula racer with this game.
* You can improve your driving skill with this car simulator game.
* This is a racing ultimate. You can reach to high speeds. Just stay and control your car in course.
* Don't take back your feet from gas pedal.
* You can play 3 different modes
* circuit mode is a normal race where racers have to complete a certain number of laps.
* lap knockout mode is a last man standing type race. Every lap the racer in last place is knocked out.
* time trial mode is a solo race where you aim to set a track best time. You must set the “StartPoint” object to determine where the car will begin driving from.
* You can adjust your rival numbers.
* You can select your formula car via brillant car selection menu.
* This game keeps best lap and circuit times.
* Great race musics and you will feel yourself in a real formula race.
This game will make you feel like an air race.
* Stunning 3D formula race experience. professional race circuit and drive experience.
* Real crash and drift sound and graphics.
* You can not take off your eyes from your device screen.
* you will be controlling one of your dream cars.
* realistic speedometer.
* accelerate and brake buttons.
* sensitive device move sensors.
* share feature . you can share any moment in the game with social media.
just go with full throttle racing along the highway.
this game tested on samsung tablet and phone.

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  • App Name: Free 3D Real Formula Racing
  • Category: Racing
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  • Version: 1.4.7
  • Requirement: 2.3 or higher
  • File Size : 53.36 MB
  • Updated: 2018-05-18