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Urmet CallMe allows you to see who’s calling at the door of your house; you can answer to it and open the door or the driveway gate
It’s even possible to see the camera of the door panel from the app without receiving a call (in 2VOICE systems and KIT and KIT 1722) and to check other CCTV cameras
connected to the installation as well (in 2VOICE systems and KIT) as well as open the door or the car entrance.
The app gives also an indication of the unanswered calls on which you didn’t answer with indication of date and time for each call (in 2VOICE systems and KIT, KIT 1722 and
All these function can be added to your video door phone without changing it and without changing the building door phone system; it’s enough to add the Call Forwarding
Device in your apartment and to install the app on the smartphone.
It’s now available the multi-user version of the CALLME device (1083/83) that gives the call forwarding feature to all the users of the building; the installation of this
device doesn’t require any additional activity in the apartments and it’s very easy and fast even in existing 2VOICE installations
It’s compliant with all the range of Urmet door phones.
For a correct operation it’s necessary an Internet connection. The link with the router can be Wi-Fi or with a LAN cable if the WiFi coverage is not possible.
The call can be diverted on a maximum of 4 apps for each user/apartment.
On the app there are these following features as well:
- in case of Wi-Fi connection it’s possible to select 2 time slots in which to turn off the communication, for example during the night, to limit electromagnetic
- turn off call reception (for example while in a meeting or with a doctor)
- allow calls to be received only when in Wi-Fi coverage (to limit data usage)
- to check the signal’s quality in every moment
- mute the microphone volume from the mobile device and restore it during a conversation
- to send a voice call IP to the other smartphones that have the same account
Further information are available on the product line page in Urmet website.

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