King of the Fish Tank: It's a fish eat fish world 1.2.0 [free]


You are the Shark King of the Fish Tank. But you're not the only shark on the block and they're out to topple you from the throne. Assert your dominance in the kingdom by
continuously eating fish. Once you've grown large enough send out a real message to the subjects of your aquarium by eating your rival sharks! It's the natural evolution
of fish, the law of the ocean!HOW TO PLAY
Tap and hold to swim up, release to swim down.
A hungry shark is an unhappy shark, eat smaller fish and sharks, look for the tasty green clues if you're not sure. The more you eat the bigger yout get.
Keep eating to maintain or increase your dominance, if lose all your dominance you lose the game.
The sea urchins are not consumable, avoid their spikes, they make you smaller.
Also, don't get eaten!
Keep feeding the shark and plunge this tank into an oceanic frenzy, but make sure you don't become fish food yourself!
Eat and grow, its the only way to survive in this crazy shark simulator. If you don't evolve into the biggest killer shark, the evolved megalodon might come fishing for
Don't be scared to become a victim of a hammerhead lurking in the deep, because you are the great white killer shark.
Sink your shark teeth and get hooked on this jawsome fishing game!
A fintastic adventure for you to explore is waiting beneath the waves
The ocean might be big enough for every fish, but this aquarium is not!
Music by TeknoAXE:

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  • App Name: King of the Fish Tank: It's a fish eat fish world
  • Category: Arcade & Action
  • App Code: com.zeroflag.fisheatfish
  • Version: 1.2.0
  • Requirement: 4.1 or higher
  • File Size : 41.01 MB
  • Updated: 2019-01-16