Police VS Prisoner:Jail Escape 1.14 [free]


Welcome to Police VS Prisoner: Jail Escape Game 2021 by The Games Point. Play Police Vs Prisoner: Jail Escape Game and make a runaway plan from the jail, and
prove innocence yourself.
Have you ever thought about an innocent prisoner? if yes, then play the prisoner break game. In this escape jail game, if police have arrested the prisoner and have been
tossed in a young offender institution by court mistakenly for 2 years but he hasn't performed any illegal activity. You have to make a slip-away plan from the jail. Use
your best run-away plan to survive and jailbreak. Get ready to attack and survive in jail security in this prisoner simulator game.
There are multiple security guards and the camera's in this run-away game. and also, keep in mind to use prisoner transport while escaping from the police station. Accept
escape mission and get help from other prisoners of the criminal cell to escape from the young offender institution.
Dodge the police security and keep in mind nobody will be aware about your flee plan in this prisoner game. Jail break game has different missions to make a quick gateway.
Play your role to fulfill the escape plan in the prisoner fighting game. Break the chain and find out underground tunnels to flee from the criminal cells.
If you want to complete your mission, then your main task is to find the hidden route to go out from the criminal cell. in this prisoner simulator game be careful while
completing missions, any wrong move can result in serious danger. While completing your mission you should be very clever in this prisoner simulator game. Hack security
cameras and have fun with your friends in this prisoner break 2021. Complete your mission and prove that you can go out of the detention center.
Download prison escape 2021 from google play store. Play jailbreak game and escape from the prison. For better updates tell us if you have any trouble downloading or playing
prisoner break.
• Be the friend other criminals to get help.
• Fight with gangsters to gain respect.
Police VS Prisoner: Jail Escape Game 2021 features:
• Amazing 3d graphics
• Realistic jail environment
• Multiple camera angles
• Easy & Smooth control
• Quality sound effects
• Multiple security guards at different locations
• Different escape missions

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  • App Name: Police VS Prisoner:Jail Escape
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  • App Code: com.tgp.escape.prisoner.jailbreak
  • Version: 1.14
  • Requirement: 5.0 or higher
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  • Updated: 2022-05-13