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The most exciting brain training app for everyone who enjoys tricky quizzes, mind challenging games and intelligent brain games for adults. Test your
knowledge right now! Download General Knowledge Quiz App and start the ultimate quiz challenge today! A variety of fun questions with so many interesting facts you need to
know. You can learn so much from trivia quizzes with really good quiz questions world general knowledge a to z. Download the smartest past time app to test your skills and
quiz yourself : geography, history, music, sport, literature, movies, celebrities, science questions and answers and other miscellaneous GK in English. One of the must
have new latest educational apps for adults and intelligent mind games for everyone who always seeks new knowledge. Enjoy playing the latest GK questions and answers quiz
games general knowledge with levels and learn new things everyday.
“General Knowledge Quiz App” features:
- Two game modes available:
* Endless - play for hours as long as you give correct answers to trivia questions. The game ends as soon as you give 3 wrong answers.
* Time - prolong your playing time as long as you give correct answers! Each correct answer means additional time and each wrong answers reduces your playing time.
- Four different types of questions:
* Multiple Choice - choose the correct out of four offered answers;
* Entry - arrange a word from letters to give the answer;
* Scratch - scratch the surface of a picture and type in the correct answer;
* Blur - a blurred picture of an object is shown and your task is to sharpen the blurred image and type in the correct answer.
Quiz of knowledge with a huge variety of pub quiz questions on latest GK for children and adults!
Explore the fascinating world of general knowledge today and learn fun facts on a variety of topics. This fun trivia blast combines the best features of picture quiz
games, educational quizzes with trivial questions, guessing games, IQ test, word scramble games and much more. An endless line of fascinating intelligent quiz questions
with answers. For some, this is an impossible quiz! Try and answer all the questions in the most awesome current affairs quiz when you can really put your GK knowledge to
a test and find out so many crazy facts. Answer questions and have the best time ever with one of the most awesome latest general knowledge fun quizzes.
The most awesome question and answer game and general knowledge test for you!
If there is a single crack in your knowledge, this smart quiz will find it! Start the most captivating trivia challenge today! Enjoy playing most fun trivia quizzes free
and learning at the same time! Learn all the GK tricks from the best in the world general knowledge app! The most current GK quiz questions and answers is now at the palm
of your hand. Enjoy intelligent brain exercises and discover new cool facts every day! Far better than any free IQ test, brain teasers, mind puzzles, memory games for the
brain or other trivia games. A collection of smart quiz questions with answers where you can test your general knowledge 2020 in English. It can be most useful if you are
preparing some GK quiz games for class or for a bank or police exam. Far more helpful than any general knowledge book or GK digest app. Download General Knowledge Quiz App
and start the most amazing world knowledge quiz challenge today!

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