beanfun! 1.10.8 [free]


● 一對一、群組聊天,找到您相同興趣的好朋友
● 野生群組,用多功能雷達搜尋就可以自由加入的群組!找到您附近志同道合的好夥伴吧!
● 免費語音,提供所有用戶可以隨時使用本功能,聊天超方便!
● 紅利商城:在遊戲中消費即可累積紅利,將帶給您多重消費回饋與折抵。

● 樂豆任務:獨家活動任務送虛寶。

● QR Code便利登:給予遊戲帳號企業級防護,防盜安全有保障。

Orange new upgrade communications services group, providing beanfun! Players more exclusive features!
Not only can play the game account security protection to help manage multiple sets of accounts, so you are not afraid to forget secret account,
Friends can also chat, share life, allowing you to make more partners with similar interests
Now immediately download experience!
! With beanfun you can use:
[Free messaging, calling]
●-one, group chat, find your friends with similar interests
● wild group, with multifunction radar search will be free to join the group! You find like-minded partners, right near good!
● free speech, all users can always use this function, chat super easy!
Games Services]
● Bonus Mall: In the game of consumption can be accumulated dividends will bring you multiple consumer feedback and redeem.
● Le beans task: the task to send virtual treasure exclusive event.
● QR Code will Glidden: game account given to enterprise-class protection, security safe and secure. (End tour exclusive feature)
! Beanfun official website: http: //
! Beanfun official fan group:

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  • Updated: 2020-01-20