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Professional GPS and OBD based TAXIMETER
Since 2011, this GPS and OBD based Taximeter app has been continuously extended in close cooperation with regulators and taxi companies.
Our app is used daily by thousands of professional drivers worldwide.
The app calculates with the highest precision, manages complex tariff structures and masters all conceivable driving situations.
You can use the app in 3 different ways:
- You can run trips right after downloading it, without logging in and without changing any settings. The app will then apply the geographically closest tariff to your
location from our 200+ tariffs database.
- You can create your personal tariff in the app.
- You can setup your company tariff on our website We offer a strict separation of functions between management and drivers. The management of a
taxi company (or a regulator) maintains the applicable tariff on the website as well as the driver profiles. The management can also query all trips (including idle trips)
and see the current position of all drivers. The drivers only have to login in the app and the tariff and all associated settings are loaded automatically. The settings
are protected against changes by the driver.
The list of all app features is too long to be displayed here.
Please visit our website for a complete overview.
Here are the most important ones:
- Automatic tariff detection depending on location, day of the week and time.
- Start (also delayed), stop and cancel of a trip
- Cross-over speed
- Waiting mode
- Change applied tariff according to time or distance
- Add extras to fare
- Automatic toll detection
- Manage loss of the GPS signal (tunnel,...)
- Global trip reference number
- Add tip to fare
- Passenger Receipt (QR-code, printing, airdrop,...)
- Payment with Square
- Fare calculation in advance
- Company logo
- SOS button
- Talking meter
- .... and much more
The app communicates with our other 'BackSeat' app. With this the passenger can:
- Track the route
- See the applied tariff and added extras
- See the driver's name
- Pay
- Evaluate the driver
- Display the QR-code of the receipt
We also offer a 'White Label' service to meet the specific requirements of your company / regulator, such as specific reporting requirements, driver registration against
your own database, app should have its own icon and should not be published in the Appstore,...
The digital transformation has reached the taximeter. You no longer have to invest in an expensive and bulky built-in device.
We offer more functionality and security at a fraction of the cost.
We are happy to answer your questions!

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