Death Extreme Racing VR 1.6 [free]


Welcome to the deadly car extreme racing experience in VR...
In dark city, a deadly underground racing is going on. The cars are equipped with machine guns & rocket launchers which enables in 2nd lap of the extreme racing.
Different models of cars take part in this extreme racing competition. The opponent at back have liberty to open fire on the car going on the front... he can use machine
guns or rocket launcher which ever is available to make front car destroy or make its speed slow.
Today again this death underground car extreme race will going to start in deadly severage lines near the city boundary. This time 5 armed cars will be participating in
this extreme racing sports.
Modes of Play:
+ VR Mode - Experience death extreme racing in VR - Connect GamePad
+ Simple Mode - Tilt left or right to navigate, open fire on opponents, push NOS for turbo booster
Game Play
Death Race Mode:
+ There will be four laps in Death Race mode
+ Five cars will participate
+ First Lap will be simple racing
+ In Second Lap Machine Guns will be activated
+ In Third Lap Rocket Launchers will be activated
+ The drivers are free to shoot at will to opponent cars
+ The driver who completes all four laps and scores first will be winner
Sprint Mode:
+ There will be single lap
+ Five cars will be participating but without guns & rockets
+ They have to beat others to take the first position and to complete the lap
Time Attack Mode:
+ There will time ticking
+ You have to complete the entire lap within the given time
+ Make your best time scores to challenge your friends
Game Features:
+ Realistic and impressive graphics!
+ Real sounds of Machine Gun & Rockets
+ Give push to car with turbo NOS
+ Click buttons to fire rockets
+ Survive 4 deadly laps and beat cars to win

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  • App Name: Death Extreme Racing VR
  • Category: Racing
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  • Version: 1.6
  • Requirement: 4.0 or higher
  • File Size : 17.67 MB
  • Updated: 2018-05-18