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What Is Airit?
Airit an app that helps you communicate messages to the right people without receiving unwanted responses or reactions. It is suitable for associations, organizations,
companies, schools, communities and even individuals. It also helps search and connect to like-minded people via groups. It’s available in IOS, Android and Web.
Airit provides a better communication platform via its unique one-way communication chat. Admins / Board / Managers / Celebrities can post messages to their members,
employees, clients, family, friends and followers without having to receive hundreds of possible reactions on it. Group members can post personal messages to the admin in
case of any query, thereby reducing unwanted messages being posted on the group.
Apart from an individual and a group chat a lot of its unique features sets it apart from the other chat apps, making it one of the best multi-tasking chat app. It helps
members connect like-minded people in groups with just a single click.
What Airit offers to its Users ?
Airit offers a free communication platform (mobile + web) that associations can use to send official communication to its members / followers. Users can subscribe to
various groups in the app and get updates and posting from the admin. User can subscribe to receive updates about news , Job openings, Deals near him, Discount coupons,
posts from Celebrities etc.
Large Group Size: Admin can add upto 10 lakh group members in just a single group thereby giving freedom from creating multiple groups just for a single purpose. Users can
search and join the groups based upon his interests and start communicating with each other. Admin can also assign all members to post messages in the group with a single
Airit users can create and join 2 kinds of group
a) Private Group
b) Public Group
Private Groups: A private group can be subscribed only via an invitation link. A member needs to send a request to the admin to join the group and only after approval from
the admin he will receive updates in the group. Therefore it is very secure and restricted.
Public Groups: A public group is visible on trending groups and is searchable and can be easily joined without any approval. An admin/editor or even subscribers can invite
other members to join the public group. Subscriber will receive regular updates once the group is joined.
Poll: Quickly gather feedback with regular Question & Answer sessions. Helps you in getting instant feedback, suggestion, rating etc., from all group members and take
decisions based upon opinion received.
Events: Post calendar event via Airit and get the notification once any event or meeting is scheduled with just one click. It helps you keep posted about important events
or meetings.
Locations: With the unique location awareness feature it makes it easy to request location from others, send your geo-tagged location in one tap which is linked to Google
maps. It’s easy to see where everyone is and to coordinate and commute conveniently.
Flexibility: Admin can make as many editors as possible for ease of posting message depending the group type. Organize members and followers. Assign them a role and assign
them to different user groups. Send targeted communication to one or more groups.

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