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The Flintstones™: Bring Back Bedrock!Bedrock has just been wrecked by a meteor shower. Reunite the Flintstones and the Rubbles in the house you rebuil

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Discover the cutest drag-racing games ever created for your device! Are you ready for some crazy snail action? Customize your own character appearance

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Ubisoft OFFICIAL Far Cry 4 Arcade Poker game!Match the best poker hands as the cards come down.Hire your friends as Jokers and reward them !Win some C

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Nothing to do? Then let’s go fight a dragon! The most ridiculous adventure is about to begin! Epically cute and Epically awesome! Join the most co

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★An exhilarating weapon-throwing battle RPG!★As clouds stream by, there is turbulence in the air and turmoil on the horizon... Behold, as epic battles

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Nick Chase 0.9.2

Nick Chase, a hard-boiled Private Investigator, is in need of a job. Lucky for him, one arrives from a man known only as The Collector. Solve a variet

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The birds may be angry, but it's You who's got the crossbow!We declare the hunting season open! It's time to take revenge on the birds for all the evi

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Fieldrunners 1.20.2

Play Fieldrunners HD now to see the original tower defense champion on Android with gorgeously updated HD graphics.----------------------------------

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The international bestseller is now available for Android! Engage in a cutthroat competition to collect the largest stockpile of delicious fish while

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Help Granny use a keyboard and find out what she's typing! Features:• Simple one touch control of the hand• Long mysterious email to unveil• Progressi

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Agent, Run! 1.0.2

Agent, Run! is an unconventional runner game with innovative gameplay mechanics. Let obstacles explode and clear the way for our agent with a swipe of

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DroidEmu 1.98.2

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Snake. Payback. is a holo-design remake of the classic snake game introducing a new and unique game mode.- No ads. Nowhere and never.- Two game modes:

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Fury 1.0.2

Be quick and watch around!Crazy bears attack your hero from four directions!Hungry and extremely dangerous.All you have is your wooden club and your f

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♥ Alice in Wonderland, the Hidden Object game ♥The ★ EXTENDED EDITION ★ has finally arrived! ♥ New puzzles ♦ New scenes ♣ New objects ♠ New

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Early Bird 1.1.0

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In Benji Bananas Adventures, everyone's favorite swinging monkey returns for more action in the jungle. This game is packed full of fast action and st

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you fish, pixel art, 8-bit music, no ads.

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Help Squibble swing, bounce, and slingshot his way home in an epic, fast-paced and fun 2D platformer that’s easy to learn but hard to master. Future u

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