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We've done an upgrade thanks to all your feedback. Thank you. New in Morph Chess 3D v3.0: - New battle animations and effects - Multiplayer chat (In

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Maze Runner 1.8.1

Unlock the mystery of the Maze and race to survive in the official The Maze Runner game! Join the community of Gladers are trapped in the center of an

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Flappy T-Rex is a running dinosaur game. Obstacles exist in the way as snakes, scarecrows and cacti and needs your help to overcome. You can make the

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Ztatiq 1.06

Ztatiq is an unapologetically retro slice of arcade action by Vector Cake. Get in the zone, lay down a high score, and make your mark on the leaderboa

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[ NEW SPORTS CAR AVAILABLE: Prepare yourself for an uncompromising roadster that merges elegant design, high-end performance and trend-setting innovat

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Omicron 2.1.2

Omicron is a color reaction game for 1 or 2 players on the same device. Eliminate tiles and earn bonus time as the difficulty increases. Omicron off

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Avadon: The Black Fortress is an epic, old school fantasy role-playing adventure, with a fascinating story and 40+ hours of gameplay in glorious HD. E

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Girl Fart 1.2.2

look! What a hot girl over there in the bus stop! A bald man is peeping at her! The smart girl wants farting and she doesn't let others notice this,

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Ending 0.8

Ending is a single player turn based puzzle game about movement and death.Recommended for people who like board games, chess and roguelikes.

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The third episode of the popular game Make Them Jump is now available! It's called Make Them Fight.Make all the dudes use their swords to destroy the

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Take a seat in the captain's chair of a Battlecruiser. Decide what type of Space crafts to launch with the click of only one button. Fighters launch f

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The wackiest volleyball game to ever hit Android is here!These vampires are "dead" set on winning a volleyball tournament just for the creatures of th

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ORNITrON Z 1.0.0

Fast paced 3D space combat! The galaxy is under attack and only your skills with the experimental ship Ornitron can save us! A merciless alien race

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Leaky Pipes 1.0.3

THOUSANDS OF PIPES WILL BURST.Leaky Pipes Premium is a fast-paced action game where you must patch up bursting pipes to prevent the water from rising

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Lead your team to get the lost treasure on the mysterious sea. This is a classic and fun match-3 game, but it has more interesting modes which are dif

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This app has no in-app purchases. Just enjoy the game!----"a one-button super meat boy... really smooth and fast paced" -IGN"Fast paced and vibrant,

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Gnomes Jr 1.0.3

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Gear Jack 1.1.1

Help Jack escaping from the W.Hale, the first fully automated starship created by the humans. It was hit by a huge electromagnetic shockwave that is n

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