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Allies is for parents with children in the same groups; school, sports, after-school activities. In Allies, parents plan everyday life together by sharing
information about those groups. In Allies, homework, test dates, game dates, workouts and days off are collected in one place, instead of scattered all over Facebook,
WhatsApp, SMS, mail and blogs.
What one person knows and adds to Allies is shared with everyone in the right group, right away. Are you subscribing to a calendar for your team? Add it to Allies instead,
and everything in it shows up on the timeline for everyone to see and add to their phone's calendars.
All events end up on the Allies timeline. From it, you can easily pass them on to your phone's calendar, or put them as reminders in your phone. A football game might be a
calendar entry, but it is also a reminder to wash and prepare tomorrows kit for the game. A test in school could be a calendar entry, but why not set it as a Reminder the
day before?
Allies manage calendars in one place, allowing you to sync and share everything from school trips, homework, early pick-ups, soccer practice and matches with other parents
in the group. What one person adds to a group in Allies is shared directly with the rest of the group. Swipe right on an event to add it to your calendar. Or set it as a
reminder if it fits better. Swipe left to ignore.
Allies include contacts with picture, name, number, email, and the address of all other parents in your groups. Each user chooses what they want to add; Allies does not
share with other social media platforms. Every person's address in Allies links to Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Uber. Finding your way to a birthday party has never
been easier.
There is a chat for each group in Allies, so you can reach others quickly. Did you wake up with a sick child on the morning of the big game? Please send a message to the
others and tell them, let someone else take your place. In the chat, you can also share photos and documents for your team, your class, or your association. Photos and
documents are saved on the group page, easy to find for everyone afterwards.
It's easy to start, join, and leave groups in Allies. Start a group for your child's class, invite other parents to it, either by sending an email with the link, or sharing
a QR code they can scan with their phones when you meet at school.
Events are places, dates, and times that everyone in the group needs to remember. Soccer practice, a test in school, a day off. If it affects others in your group - share
and let them take advantage of it. Anyone in your group can create, edit, or delete events. You can even subscribe to other services and have events imported into

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