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We have developed Easy Bible to supply Christians with high quality resources for spiritual cultivation, to spread the gospel of the Lord, and to bear witness to more and
more people. Through this app, you can use a variety of Bible translations to compare readings so that it is more convenient for you to understand the Bible. We have also
prepared for you various practical resources for spiritual cultivation, listening, and viewing, as well as testimony articles that are true to life. It is our hope that we
can help you solve the problems and difficulties that you encounter in your spiritual and daily life, so that you can establish a normal relationship with the Lord and
obtain more enlightenment from God.
The app functionality is simple and clear enough for anyone to use, so whether you are waiting for the bus, sitting in your car, at school, at home, or at work, you can
start your spiritual journey at the touch of a button.
Why Use Easy Bible?
★ It is completely free and you can enjoy all the features at no cost. With no ads, the software allows you to read the Scriptures in a clean and convenient format.
★ By downloading only once the version of the Bible you need, you can use it offline whenever you want.
★ A myriad of resources are updated daily to bring more new light to you and enrich your daily spiritual life.
★ You will receive daily verse recommendations with scriptural guidance for your reading convenience.
★ Bible Study and Topics provide you with high-quality articles explaining Bible passages, as well as the Bible study topics of greatest concern for Christians to guide
you into more profound study of the Bible.
★ The app includes articles explaining Biblical prophecies to help you study the fulfillment and accomplishment of God’s prophecies about the last days, so that their true
meaning is made clear.
★ Using newly compiled and arranged stories from the Old and New Testaments, complemented by beautiful illustrations, this app leads you through the details of God’s
★ With a hand-picked selection of testimony articles, we share with you real experiences of Christians who have relied on God to see God’s deeds when they were faced with
difficulty and tribulation in their lives to allow you to sense God’s love and salvation.
★ There are practical and rich articles for spiritual cultivation to guide you in understanding the truths that are necessary for Christians to grow in their lives and to
practice in real life. This is to help you understand God’s will and become a person who accords with God’s will.
★ With a compilation of popular Christian song videos, Bible videos, inspirational videos, and more, the app provides you with a variety of musical and video
★ Scripture navigation: Provides convenient and flexible methods for navigating the Scriptures to help you more quickly locate the passages of the Bible you need to begin
your journey of reading the Scriptures.
★ Bookmarks, Notes and Highlights: Tap on the page you are reading to set bookmarks and highlights, and use the notes function to record at any time the knowledge you have
gained in studying the Scriptures so you can preserve the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.
★ Multi-text comparison: Allows simultaneous comparison of multiple translations of Scripture, making reference and comparison of scripture convenient.
★ Reading settings: You can customize font size, and background color preferences. User-friendly reading settings allow for the most satisfying reading experience.
★ Search: Simply input a keyword to quickly locate the passage you want.
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Glory be only to God!

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