Multichat - 2 account & clone dual apps 5.21.11 [free]


In MultiChat, you can clone multiple parallel apps for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
★ 2 WhatsApp accounts online: second account for more friends;
★ Multi Facebook account login: facing multiple social circles;
★ Clone multiple accounts: simultaneously login on 1 phone;
★ Easily switch between 2 accounts.MultiChat is a parallel space where you can log in to more than 2 accounts.
Some of the features:
● Clone accounts 2 of whatsapp, facebook, instagram, etc.
● Run parallel app and log in to second account, like whatsapp 2, facebook 2, etc.
● keep 2 accounts online simultaneously, like 2 WhatsApp, 2 Facebook, etc.
● Premium allows for the cloning of multiple accounts, such as 3 whatsapp accounts;
● Start your messenger app with a shortcut and display usage data;
● Web version of almost all social apps, completely free.How to use MultiChat log in to multiple accounts:
◆ Select and clone apps you need: whatsapp, facebook, etc.
◆ Click the icon of whatsapp 2, facebook 2 to run the cloned app.
◆ On the parallel app, log in to your whatsapp accounts, facebook accounts.
◆ Now, you can keep dual accounts online on your phone at same time.
◆ If you need multi whatsapp accounts, multi facebook accounts, just click the ADD button.
◆ Long press the icon of WhatsApp 2 to delete the app.
◆ Easily switch between multiple accounts and different apps.Who needs multiple account logins?
◆ Clone WhatsApp and log in to 2 WhatsApp accounts to balance work and life;
◆ Clone Facebook and log in to 2 Facebook accounts to face different circles;
◆ People who need to log in to multiple accounts of the same app;
◆ Use dual app to get double incomeHow does multi-account login work?
◆ We created a parallel space in MultiChat where you can clone all social and game apps and use them, So a dual account on a one phone is possible.
◆ You can use them like your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other apps on your phone, without any obstacles.
◆ In parallel space, multiple account logins only need to clone multiple apps.If you can't start account 2, it may be:
● Application is cloning: Please wait patiently for cloning;
● The first time you run a cloned app: it takes about 10s ~ 60s, please be patient;
● You updated the app on your phone, such as WhatsApp: Wait for 60s, follow the guide and restart MultiChat;
● MultiChat version is behind: please go to the store to update MultiChat to the latest version;About privacy:
▶ When you log in to social accounts, social apps may need your information to work properly.
▶ MultiChat does not collect any privacy information of you;
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  • App Name: Multichat - 2 account & clone dual apps
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  • Version: 5.21.11
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  • Updated: 2019-01-10