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The Mathematical Chess
A device to make children friends of Mathematics and Master of the four fundamental operations involving negative numbers.
This is a Mathematical Chess (games) to make students of the secondary level interested in Mathematics. It requires a chessboard with numbers 1 to 50, -1 to -50, and '0'
marked in the columns or boxes of the chessboard. There can be two or more participants. Each should have a coins or chessman to move along the columns. It will help to
keep the children away from their fear of Mathematics and it will develop a healthy attitude towards the academic activities.
This is basically an exercise in computation. Practicing the fundamental operations in Mathematics is main activity undertaken here. Addition, Substraction, Multiplication
and Division of both positive and negative numbers are given voluntarily here as a means to engage oneself effectively in the game. Finding out factors, selecting the
appropriate ones (numbers) with scientific intuition and psychological acumen is expected of the participants. There will gradually develop in the students for they are
engaged within itself as much as needed motivation.
The children find out the factors of a particular number, select the proper ones, add them together (or difference) and move their coins to the boxes which show that sums
(or difference) Thus at the same time one has to calculate the move of his opponents coin.
He who calculates effectively and cautiously with the game and that victory will inspire to further studies in Mathematics. The computation - operations with positive and
negative numbers - done here has relevance in more than four units in the S.S.L.C syllabus. By realizing the correlation of these, the student will find it easy to solve
the higher formula in Algebra. Also this interesting game is sure to create and promote Mathematic skills of students. The Chess game has translated to a computer game as
These games aim at the intellectual preparation of the students. The chess games if properly played is of course, help the students in various aspects:
1. Developing an affinity towards Mathematics.
2. Developing competency in any Fundamental operations of negative and positive numbers.
3. Gaining higher scholastic achievements in Mathematics up to secondary level.

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