TomVPN-免费高速一键连接翻墙科学上网VPN 1.4.6 [free]


TomVPN 免费使用,一键连接
- 无需注册,无需root权限,一键连接!
- 自动代理突破GFW
- 访问国外Google、YouTube和Facebook等社交、视频应用与网站
- 收发Gmail,访问国外电商网站,科研海淘全能搞定。

- 体积小,占用内存少,能耗低
- 安全,使用256位加密算法全程加密所有流量
- 长期更新,保证可用
- 用了就知道!
** Tom采用的是shadowsocks技术,自动代理模式(绕过局域网及中国大陆地址),每月国际流量12GB,除此之外还有额外的流量可撸。
** 请关闭play商店的自动更新应用功能,减少流量消耗。

** 服务器有时候会抽风,请大家谅解。

** 遇到连接成功却无法翻墙的情况下请尝试点击左上角的按钮随机刷新节点,若反复操作无效后请邮件给我,我收到邮件后会第一时间处理的。

** 下载本软件后,在使用本软件前恳请您花5分钟左右的时间看一下用户须知,这将为您解决使用本软件中出现的各种问题。


TomVPN is free to use, one-click connection
- No registration required, no root privileges, one-click connection!
- Automatic agent breaks through GFW
- Visit social, video apps and websites like Google, YouTube and Facebook
- Send and receive Gmail, visit foreign e-commerce websites, and research Haitao can do it all.
- Small size, low memory consumption and low energy consumption
- Secure, encrypt all traffic with a 256-bit encryption algorithm
- Long-term updates, guaranteed to be available
- Use it to know!
** Tom uses the shadowsocks technology, automatic proxy mode (bypassing the LAN and mainland China addresses), monthly international traffic of 12GB, in addition to the
extra traffic can be smashed. (Tom restricts traffic every month, also to ensure the quality of the software, as much as possible for everyone to flow smoothly)
** Please turn off the automatic update app feature of the play store to reduce traffic consumption.
** The server sometimes gets mad, please understand.
** If you encounter a successful connection but cannot overturn the wall, please try to click the button in the upper left corner to refresh the node randomly. If the
repeated operation is invalid, please email me, I will process it as soon as I receive the email.
** After downloading the software, please take a minute to check the user's notice before using the software. This will solve various problems in the use of this
Please follow the local and local laws and regulations of the server.

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