MORIO Pay 40 [free]



Step1 MORIO Payアプリをダウンロード
Step2 MORIO Payをチャージ
Step3 MORIO Payを利用
Step4 MORIO-Jポイントが貯まる
① 店頭にあるQRコードを読み取る
② 購入金額を入力
③ お店のスタッフが金額を確認
④ 決済完了
① お店のスタッフに見せる
② クーポン利用完了




・「MORIO Pay」は取扱加盟店でしかお使いになれませんのでご確認の上、ご利用ください。









In addition to the payment function, there are coupon functions and notification functions, which provide benefits to both users and affiliated stores.
● Usage flow
Step1 Download the MORIO Pay app
Step2 Charge MORIO Pay
Step3 Use MORIO Pay
Step4 MORIO-J points will be accumulated
● Main functions
[Payment function]
① Read the QR code in the store
② Enter the purchase price
③ The staff of the shop confirms the amount
④ Payment completed
[Coupon function]
① Show to the staff of the shop
② Completion of coupon use
[Notification function]
・ You can check the notifications from the store on the app.
[Handling store search function]
・ You can narrow down the search by area.
・ You can narrow down your search by industry.
・ You can check the location of the shop on the map after searching.
● Notes
・ "MORIO Pay" can only be used at participating stores, so please check before using.
・ This app connects to the Internet. If you cannot connect to the Internet, you will not be able to use it.
・ Communication volume is required to use the app.
・ Coupons have different expiration dates and times of use. In addition, there are periods when it is not delivered.
・ When changing the smartphone model, after installing the app on the new device, log in with the email address and password used before the model change. Once
authenticated, it can be handed over to a new device. (The balance will also be carried over.)
・ If you change the phone number due to a model change while 2-step verification is set, you may not be able to log in to the app on your new device.
If you change your phone number, be sure to cancel 2-step verification by following the procedure "My Page-> 2-step verification settings-> press the button to cancel
2-step verification" on the terminal before the model change.
・ If you start other apps at the same time, the memory capacity may increase and it may not work properly.
-Although the security of this application is sufficiently maintained, authentication is not performed every time the application is opened for easier use. If you are
worried, please manage the security by setting the lock screen of your mobile phone.

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