'Sola' Copernican Planetarium 2.75 [free]


** User's Guide
** Overview
+ The app is a planetarium application.You use the app by holding the device up over your head.
+ Displays constellations, planets, moon, and sun seen from the ground as 3D models.
+ You can board on a horizontally launched spacecraft, move out of the earth while watching the moon, and look over the earth, the moon, the sun, the planets. You can
check the relationship between the phases of the moon and the position of the sun, the earth, and the moon.
+ You can also check the appearance of the inner/outer planet and its position on orbit.
+ It is a learning astronomical application that lets students and teachers and family enjoy together.
** Main Operation
+ You can change the viewing direction by holding the tablet over the sky.
+ You can depart in space with the rocket button at the far right of the screen and return to the earth.
+ When the viewpoint is in outer space, you can change the viewpoint with two finger swipe.
+ The viewing angle (telephoto/wide angle) can be changed by the + - button or the scaling operation with two fingers.
+ Even devices not compatible with attitude acquisition sensors can be operated in manual mode. (In this case, use 1-finger, 2-finger operation.)
** Functions for Learning
+ When you press the moon-phase observation button, it will shift to the date and time suitable for observation of crescent moon ,the half moon , or the full moon. After
checking the observation time, the shape of the moon, the direction from the ground viewpoint, move seamlessly to the place looking over the earth, moon, and the sun and
check the positional relationship of the earth, moon, and sun.
+ The date and time (Tokyo) suitable for the observation of the solar eclipse is set by observation button. You can check the missing sun, move out of the earth and
observe the shadow of the moon around Japan. Further a little further away, move to the place that overlooks the Earth, moon, and the sun and confirm the positional
+ The date and time suitable for observation of the lunar eclipse are set by observation button. Check the moon turning red and move to the place that overlooks the Earth,
Moon, and the Sun and check the positional relationship.
You can also observe the phase/apparent size of Venus and the positional relationship of Venus/Earth/sun. The dedicated observation button is not yet implemented.
** Motivation for Development
There are many astronomical apps. It is divided into a planetarium of the geocentric theory type which guides the constellation, the planet etc from the ground and the
space tour type astronomical guide application.
When learning the change of the shape of the moon and the position of the moon, it is convenient if we can move from the ground where we see the moon to outer space where
we see the earth, the sun and the moon by the sightseeing spaceship. It is necessary to be able to move continuously, not viewpoint switching. I wanted to make a
planetarium that unified the viewpoint looking up from the earth and the viewpoint overlooking the planets of the solar system including the Moon and the Earth. In
addition to looking up at the starry sky, the app moves the viewpoint to outer space continuously and reproduce the starry sky including the earth. So I named it
"Copernican Planetarium" (the heliocentric theory).
** Support for android device
+ In the setting of the observation place, you can enter the latitude and longitude with a number. You can also use the current location information held by the device,
but in that case please allow the usage authority and set the current location availabe.
+ For devices with gyroscope, it is easy to acquire the device posture, so you can see the starry sky in the direction you held it. Even for devices without gyroscope,
posture will be acquired from acceleration sensor etc, but tracking speed/stability will be low.

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